Empty Cafe – Jennifer Walker (espresso stain)

https://espressostain.wordpress.com/ I’m sitting in the empty cafe sipping on a warm latte a sad sad is playing through the speakers I don’t often crave human interaction but today I miss the chatter of their voices I miss the energy in the room somehow my latte tastes of melancholy for more espresso stained, click here: https://espressostain.wordpress.com/

a writer’s predicament – Jennifer Walker (espresso stain)

https://espressostain.wordpress.com/ a blank page is as daunting as any emptiness waiting to be filled the idea that one can say anything imaginable has haunted yet fueled me from the beginning for more from this author, please click here: https://espressostain.wordpress.com/

in the hammock -Jennifer Walker

https://espressostain.wordpress.com/ in the hammock i can sway i sway with the breeze and listen to the birds and the squirrels and to the people raking leaves the cars rushing by to get home i am still as the world moves fast time is still for me and i am at peace no worries follow meContinue reading “in the hammock -Jennifer Walker”