On Maturing – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)

On Maturing the wardrobe insiststhat it’s 1996 &the audience accepts this I am cusping,anger combusting& my wrathdrains crimson down the bath,the walls arecoated, in dream scrawl my head rings imploded this is the next season of life& it’s just as lonelyas the last one,but this timethere are lesspeople around & soundsslip insideone of mymany neuralContinue reading “On Maturing – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)”

Grrr-ipped – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)

Grrr-ipped Punk music docsto blast the rocks–no, these arevicious bouldersingrained in me,damming upthe tear flow Tunnel vision:grey figures,silhouettes thatonly I can seeHead bangs,vice griparound a neckClanging chains,forced to neglectall shades ofgrossed intellect Understandingisn’t somethingI can grovel for,I have troublewith my knees,with my worriedstomach          I’m shudderingoutside the doorof relief,begging for re-entry,for aContinue reading “Grrr-ipped – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)”

Postcard – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)

Postcard There is noresolutionor solutionwhen a ghosthops time zones You wrote, “I’m all alone,but the beautyof the afterlifeis that everythingis automatic,and nothingis problematicanymore.” A glossy photoof a golden shore,angelic scrawl,in my head,your voice,heavenly southern drawl Impossibilitieswere alwaysyour specialty,and I’m sorryI can’t reply “You never said goodbye. “ No return addressfor loneliness,no messengerto throwa harpoon through, onlyContinue reading “Postcard – Jennifer Patino (Thistle Thoughts)”