Sonnets Keep Flowing —Jeni Bate

Place as secret Your presence is a mirror, taut and round, a love letter from a time I can’t recall, so much of me, it’s hardly there at all, the surface of a depth far more profound than space. You are the wind with which I run, the movement in the sky, that which IContinue reading “Sonnets Keep Flowing —Jeni Bate”

Sonnet Challenge #39 – Jeni Bate (Skyscrapes for the Soul)

Some things just fall out of the end of the pen….. When I’m dead You’ll be the first I’ll visit when I’m dead.I guess that you’ll be waiting there for meand we can say all that we’ve left unsaidabout things that were never meant to be.You’ll get the joke I never did tell right,unless we’reContinue reading “Sonnet Challenge #39 – Jeni Bate (Skyscrapes for the Soul)”

Woke up with a poem. – Jeni Bate

Holy Ground As light risesMy eyes fallUpon his templeArm raised to ease the painOf the damage of an old storm,Lips pursed againstA dream he won’t rememberReminding meOf last night’s worshipWith the temple of my own soul’s abodeHappy that these buildingsAre now anchored togetherAnd hoping to join againstThe weather of life timesAs long as they stand.Continue reading “Woke up with a poem. – Jeni Bate”