Send in the Clowns Who can breathe with words lodged between ugly and uglier? Send in the clowns the skies are grey laughter the medicine a crying world deserves. Someone trampled my flowers stole honey from the jar left bees buzzing around a crown I no longer desire to wear. Spirits descend from tree branches ready to spreadContinue reading “Send in the Clowns”

Arrangements – Jeanne Elizabeth (wabi-sabi)

If i were to talk because i held a certain trustthat words left on ledgeswouldn’t be pushedshoved or trampledwhat would your answer be?The flowers carefully cuteach slice affords another vieweach decidedly newto the possibility of desert juiceso let’s drink up under the star’s canopy.And if the end starts another conversation would you stay past midnightunderContinue reading “Arrangements – Jeanne Elizabeth (wabi-sabi)”

Dance Upon the Waters – Jeanne Elizabeth

What of the melting snow and drifting sand? He ponders the arrows of a cloud’s gripping hand. Watches wind shake her hair. To spy the girl steady on the cliff she guards a boat where sea roses bloom honorably for self and man. She whispers in his storm “Let me be.” Forever wayward in searchContinue reading “Dance Upon the Waters – Jeanne Elizabeth”