Light in a Bedroom – Jason A. Muckley

We will find one anotherLike the sun coming outDawning a new dayThe sunrise shines over youA spotlight on my heartThough we are far apartSunset on the life beforeThe morning gives riseNew day begins with you © 2020 Jason A. Muckley for more from this deep feeling soul, click here:

Breeze of Nostalgia – Jason A. Muckley That breezeThrough the open windowRushing across the houseMakes me want to curl upIn bedIn the middle of the daySun shiningBlue skiesThat breezeThrough the open doorRushing across my bedWarm and cozyUnders the coversSafe in a childhood memoryExperiencing itAgain and againThat breeze © 2020 Jason A. Muckley for more from this creative mind, please click here:Continue reading “Breeze of Nostalgia – Jason A. Muckley”

Patience – Jason A. Muckley I am hiding youkeeping you for just the right timeYou don’t need to searchhigh and lowI can set you upI have someone in mindYou don’t even know it yetneither does shePatience can be the perfect gift © 2020 Jason A. Muckley for more from this author, please click here:

Identities – Jason A. Muckley

Life after divorceis lonely.The ever-present relationshipconsuming your heart and mindis gone.Now, you have three identitiesto sort out.Who you were beforeWho you were in the relationshipWho you are nowCouple friendships fadeA whole new worldof peoplewith pastsand paincommiserate. I’m not interestedin starting overyet.I’m still tryingto figure it outWho I am now © 2020 Jason A. Muckley forContinue reading “Identities – Jason A. Muckley”