Inside my window – Dejah Williams (Swiped from the Poetry Bar) I knew that you could see it toosince I wasn’t far from youthe sky gray as the wind blewjust from out my window it wasn’t something newseeing you passing throughbut the distance between us grewas I waved behind my window the storm quieted as it brewedand I was only someone you knewfrom here IContinue reading “Inside my window – Dejah Williams (Swiped from the Poetry Bar)”

the lonely one – Michelle Cook Thinking of you todayand I ask myself this…How can anyone be lonelywhen they have a million friends?But I suppose it’s more than thatisn’t it?It’s the foundationthe connectednessthe secret loyalties among confidences.All these things matterin order to gauge the true value of a friend.And sadlywithout the right combinationour state of lonelinessis never very far away.Continue reading “the lonely one – Michelle Cook”

Indifferent World – makeshift26 I’m indifferent to you,in this world made for two,sharing what we have with the rest, wondering how we got this far on fumes.The breath of life in view,littering the streets with news,of a better life for everyone. Photo credit: Navid Baraty for more from this author, click here:

My Try at Bonsai

I’ve been asked to share one here… so Bonsai!!! manicured and trimmedmy bonsai tree so muchit slumped over sicklyscrawny, once, the healthy breath ofair and natural life now bonsai looks so pluckedand lifeless on front shelfunder these harshlights. image:

alone in a crowd – AB

Feeling absolutely lonelywith hundreds aroundUnspeakable conversationsForgetful soundsLife could have been betterif lived as a hermitJungles, dark desertsNo pretence, no permitAnimals real friendsTrees companions trueWinds carry wishesEarth protecting you for more from AB, at ‘Perspectives on Life the Universe and Everything’ at: