The Laughing Lighthouse —Intellectual Shaman

As beauty fades and we no longer have the desire to repent and the places we knew close and the people who smiled at us die and the shadows of ourselves no longer show up under the sun lost photographs and memories are all that we have left and I don’t know about you butContinue reading “The Laughing Lighthouse —Intellectual Shaman”

My Fantastic Car —Intellectual Shaman

If people could look under the hood of my car they would be shocked to find what makes it go without an engine or oil it’s traveled far taken by a magical momentum There are no mechanisms or directions and still it moves to far away beaches where the wind grass blows its rusty bodyContinue reading “My Fantastic Car —Intellectual Shaman”

Salvation Sky – Intellectual Shaman

This is where I get off I won’t become what the world wants me to be What’s safe, is gone 2 AM silence speaks to me like darkness before the dawn before the man becomes a man and everything I am is forgotten. I pursue things I can’t see and fall in love with etherealContinue reading “Salvation Sky – Intellectual Shaman”

The Kite Flyers- Intellectual Shaman

Storm clouds were building, enormous towers of foreboding, blocking direct sunlight, while the mist sparkled in the air. Fields in Paradise Park were harsh green; rays cutting through the vapor, rainbows vanishing to reappear. Kite flyers flew their colorful diamonds against the thunderous backdrop, electricity in the air, with their black trench coats billowing behindContinue reading “The Kite Flyers- Intellectual Shaman”

a creative coyote – Intellectual Shaman

Nothing gets near to this scavenger it’s too hungry eating trash while it stares at wild game desiring a creative kill green fields of sheep ignored barren deserts of death calling it howls with its heart for something it hears what’s inside it wants to be filled. for more from this seeker, please click onContinue reading “a creative coyote – Intellectual Shaman”

Supernatural Sowing Season – Intellectual Shaman

Ordinary Confidence is not enough and when I make things bigger I can’t ride the wave Everybody wants some until the fall So, we must believe there is an angel inside walking through fields under the weary sun until the devil comes out at night blowing our seeds away Maybe we planted them like lostContinue reading “Supernatural Sowing Season – Intellectual Shaman”

(Untitled Poem) – Intellectual Shaman

If we don’t get richer and we fail a thousand times If women don’t want us and this life walks away If we can’t see the future and time is misunderstood We hope for the poet’s word Strength from some unknown, mystical source after our muscles have left. for more from this author, please clickContinue reading “(Untitled Poem) – Intellectual Shaman”

The “Something Inside” – Intellectual Shaman

There is something inside of a man it is his essence a sense of himself. It can be taken away and it frequently is, but he keeps searching for it because he longs to get it back. It is the substance that looks on misery and sees happiness. It sings to him in pain. ItContinue reading “The “Something Inside” – Intellectual Shaman”

Desert Walker- Intellectual Shaman

Even the most devout will fall away. So, who are you leading man? When you look behind you, who do you see? What’s really there? Why take any steps forward when the end is the same for everyone? “It just feels good,” he says, “to move.” And he does. He walks with a step thatContinue reading “Desert Walker- Intellectual Shaman”