Rise Up and Live – Navindhi (culled from Medicine + Poetry)

https://phoebemd.com/ Life isn’t aboutHunting happiness,Hiding sadness,Mountain of moments,Treasure of breaths. It’s aboutRising up the sun, For othersandFor yourself. –Navnidhi ◊ Thank you, Navnidhi, for this beautiful reminder.Wishing all a lovely day. for more at ‘Medicine + Poetry+, click here: https://phoebemd.com/

Supernatural Sowing Season – Intellectual Shaman

Ordinary Confidence is not enough and when I make things bigger I can’t ride the wave Everybody wants some until the fall So, we must believe there is an angel inside walking through fields under the weary sun until the devil comes out at night blowing our seeds away Maybe we planted them like lostContinue reading “Supernatural Sowing Season – Intellectual Shaman”

i’m going to break the pattern this time around – Rachel (Patient and Kind)

https://patientandkindlove.com/ It’s relentless, this push and pull. Exhausting, one could say. I want so much, to love, But loving you is hard. I crave that hug, the sweet embrace That takes me back to four When I skinned my knee, When I needed you like now. This time I’m changing it, Not following the wellContinue reading “i’m going to break the pattern this time around – Rachel (Patient and Kind)”

The Deserters

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ A thousand branches burning,Across this desert, parched and slow,Like an old autumn asleep,Upon levanter’s brow,I walk this breaking desert,Sand frozen back in time,My every breath is an answer,To a query, long buried,Here under these dunes,These shadow mountains tall,Waves of dust, awaiting,The eternal rise and fall. The sun,It hums and hide,I feel it’s laughter inContinue reading “The Deserters”

i hear you – cnw

https://olivejooce.wordpress.com/ you spoke with a voice of sadness,cloudy on a chilly spring day.I wanted to hold you like family,a closeness that is earned not expected. I hear you more than I ever thoughtI could in a quarantined kind of world.There are so many wandering soulsLifted and tangled—you are not alone. for more from this author,Continue reading “i hear you – cnw”

Musing with Clouds – Neha (forgottenmeadows)

She chased her dreams with all she had but sometimes, when the sunset, she mused with the clouds, standing on the dark side, of the earth. for more at ‘forgottenmeadows’, click here: https://forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com/

doors upon the sea – the lonely author

https://thelonelyauthorblog.com/ Poetry under the palm trees continue…. doors upon the sea who am i to tell the rosesnot to bloomhow do I stop the hands of timeor silence a lonely wolfhowling at the moonhow can i not think of youit’s like asking my heartto remember not to bleedor a pianist who lost his handsto forgetContinue reading “doors upon the sea – the lonely author”

A storm’s charm – Fragilistic

Through the storm in our hearts Through the veil in our minds Through the blindness in our eyes A body of storm cries. Fearful, yet fascinated Isolated, yet captivated Contemplating, Pulsating With the rage, awaited. Through the blinding, scathing winds Through the loud and gusty grinds Through the startling, instant thunders A soul, tormented BecomesContinue reading “A storm’s charm – Fragilistic”