Solitary World – chester maynes

We’rein the samephase, the sameenergy, the same weakness. We’rebounded withfences of broken glasses,barbed wires, savage trees. We’renot the samecharacters of the past.We’ve chained, defeated. Inthis confinement isour solitary world ofpersecution and injustice. 2020 at:

Tears in my eyes- Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

Tears in my eyes,Those exquisite drops,Each with its own story,Like shiny white pearls,From the deep blue sea. As a menace attacks my soul,Or breaks my heart in two,Grief and sorrows all piled up,Creates one glimmering drop,Just ready to fall. Laced with emotions so intense,A harrowing burden in my chest,And pain that’s almost physical,Encapsulated in aContinue reading “Tears in my eyes- Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”

Ode to Music – Cheemnonso (Nonso’s World)

I’ve seen the colour of music; yellow like a budding sunflower, with blotted petals clothed in tumeric; . I’ve treaded her country, so idyllic; where love and lust tastes sweet and sour, and the dreams bequeathed inspire moments of magic; . I’ve heard her melody, so angelic; easing my nightmares in the darkest hour asContinue reading “Ode to Music – Cheemnonso (Nonso’s World)”

The dialogue of life – My Valiant Soul

The dialogues of life, cold and tiny making my bosom collapse at night, with white nakedness of velvet sky and the paper sniffing my skin, a hard yawn of the afternoon, a dark spot on the skin- The dialogue of life to my springs, to my sharp scandal of the eye. This it. This isContinue reading “The dialogue of life – My Valiant Soul”

Spreading Wings | The Vision of Poets

Spreading Wings It’s hard to feel the words When you are dying Locked inside the vault Of your own skin It’s hard to reach for verses When your arms can’t reach for grace While DNR’s lie inked Beneath the pen It’s hard to find the rhyme Inside the rainfall Locked within the pain That fogsContinue reading “Spreading Wings | The Vision of Poets”

My Little Garden – Frank Solanki

I have a little gardenA garden full of wordsProse they act like flowersThe poems act like birdsIt blooms the whole year ’roundWhether spring or snow or fallFor reading is like rainAnd sunshine for them allNever a dull day I’ve hadNever have a dull day I willFor years and years from nowThis garden be growing stillContinue reading “My Little Garden – Frank Solanki”