Just One Heart – BJ Gallagher (culled from Medicine + Poetry)

https://phoebemd.com/ One tree can start a forestOne smile can begin a friendshipOne hand can lift a soulOne word can frame a goalOne candle can wipe out darknessOne laugh can conquer gloomOne hope can raise our spiritsOne touch can show you careOne life can make a difference… Be that one today. -BJ Gallagher for more atContinue reading “Just One Heart – BJ Gallagher (culled from Medicine + Poetry)”

134 – Elle

I’ve had dreams of alternate worldscotton candy clouds and magical hillsideswhere things go upside down on thursdaysand there’s no wifi on sundays my feet will one day plant on uneven groundand find strength to groweven amidst strangeness for more from this author, click here: https://elleguyence.wordpress.com/

Medic – Enshrined Poetry

https://nara15blog.wordpress.com/ The coarseness of life, Sifted upon the pillow Let me not fear the bardo A hand held outward; The cloaks of roses and carnations, Flourish— Illusions of innocence The karmic carbon choke Invokes— Illusions of sorrows Tell me now! Before Tara’s light of lime comes, To once again embrace my wounded soul “Are weContinue reading “Medic – Enshrined Poetry”

Binary Numbers – Maria Gianna Iannucci

https://giannaiannucci.com/ blood free beyond birthing she caught the nature of beloved Soul through the soft folds of her humanity an ancient banishing umbilical where loss and belonging ebb and flow beneath the bridge of being nursing young and old stella maris rising from the grasp of his quickening sea exposed beneath the clothes of awakeningContinue reading “Binary Numbers – Maria Gianna Iannucci”

countless colors shall bring tomorrow – Said Sadain jr.

https://sandstarsblog.com/ the fires of life taste the flavor of dwarf gardens in poets’ dreams raised by cold river on rushing currents. nearby, a bare tree smiles at the sky and rises directly to the wind: behold the promise of a fountain fall to dissipate the fancies on rays of countless sun colors that knit theContinue reading “countless colors shall bring tomorrow – Said Sadain jr.”

Animals Come Out to Play – Richela Rosales

https://richelarosales.wordpress.com/ The world quietensIn the face ofHuman tragedy,And we peopleFeel it like a shiverIn our spine. We’ve heard of theCircle of life,Strange to find outThat it’s not a myth. Yet the Earth doesn’tActually feel the tragedy,Birds fly in the skyUnencumbered by planes,Dolphins swim where they want,Uninterrupted by humans,Turkeys walk down theStreets of Madrid,Just because theyContinue reading “Animals Come Out to Play – Richela Rosales”

Slow Love – Reaching Joy

https://reachingjoythree.wordpress.com/ Let’s not listen to any music, let the lyrics come on their own. Open the door. Let the birds sing. The ground sweat. You do not always have to be the dancer, alone in the corner, swaying under hanging plants and borrowed words. Do the birds sing of lost lovers? Do the trees dreamContinue reading “Slow Love – Reaching Joy”

End of the Rope – Ali Grimshaw

https://flashlightbatteries.blog/ The rope winds gently around my waist,twisted, smoothly strong by years of mistakes,trying again, doubt and wondering how. Thick with memories of others whobelieved with the strength of solid ground.Believed that all earthquakes eventually stop shaking.Believed in soil’s ability to grow what we need next. The end of this rope was handed to meContinue reading “End of the Rope – Ali Grimshaw”

The Little Things – Dr. Phoebe

https://phoebemd.com/ Normal day,let me be awareof the treasure you are.Let me learn from you,love you,bless youbefore you depart.Let me not pass you by in questof some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. -Mary Jean Irion ◊ May we never forget the treasure thatContinue reading “The Little Things – Dr. Phoebe”

Hope (a double etheree)- Indieshe

Light, Vibrant,Spreading love,Now cloistered deepAnd Melancholic,It Fluttered in fury,Darting at the grey cover,Slipping through tiny crevices,The icicles now with a dull sheenA Suffusion of warmth so radiant.Leaving a fiery trail on dreary grey, The errant ray full of lively spright,A cavalcade of surging hope,Flaunting its golden shimmer,Consoling the dark surf ,For all was not lost,ShadesContinue reading “Hope (a double etheree)- Indieshe”