Anticipatory Love – Rahul Gauer (Smoke Words Every Day)

Dissociation in styleI walk on reflected cloudsIt’s a metaphorical livingI wish I could live on the groundI always wander in the spacesLiminal places of the nether worldwhere the shape of a snow is intactand the anticipation of a surprise still betterthan the surprise of you visitingwhere you don’t usually visitUsually i’m the first to arriveContinue reading “Anticipatory Love – Rahul Gauer (Smoke Words Every Day)”

Like Honey Be – Frank Regan (Made of Sticks and Stones)

Honey, I want your love to flow,Despite the great divide.The difference in space and timeThat separates heart from heart. That keep different rhythms,Roll to different beats.But still, shake with the passionsThat flow thickly in this summer heat. © 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved. online at:

Where you will find me – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

Look out overThe shimmering sea,It’s the placewhere you’ll find me. The sea is wheremy heart resides,you’ll hear it as I standby your side. I may only beyour invisible friend,but I’ll always be there,even in the end. Reach out your hand,and you’ll find mine.Our hearts and soulsforever entwined. © 2020 Michelle Cook online at: PhotoContinue reading “Where you will find me – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”


all that’s ensued,and we rise, just not quite as highas sky walker’sclear eyes, a tightrope glitters overthis city on pause,as it dissolvesinto a crowd of arms crossed andbent crowns, then feet form theirown clouds to stormrain’s splendoron down. -GG at: image of downpour: Thanks for the eyes and minds you’ve lent as supportContinue reading “Downpour”

The Bells of St. Mark’s – Chris Nelson

And I heard the bells of Saint Mark’s Their plaintive cry counting the distance Like crows on the wind That stretched between us Each solemn tone a landmark On the horizon that I could never reach Each echoed silence a hollow Where all your words lie naked bruised I hear that the winter bites hardContinue reading “The Bells of St. Mark’s – Chris Nelson”

Calling for Change – Nature – Caeli McKamey (Words of the Soul)

The wind moves west Under clouds of lavender Bouquets of lilac gowns Calling for change Air bending over waves Frogs croaking beneath Singing to the river Calling for change Whisks of blueberry muffins Cascade the mountain peak Craving fruits of the trail Calling for change Whirlwinds of chocolate Essence her hair strands Sweet treasure fieldsContinue reading “Calling for Change – Nature – Caeli McKamey (Words of the Soul)”

Dancing Planets – Anusha (Undestined Pieces- Thinking Beyond

Did I hear dance?Because I don’t think I stand a chance,Although I could move,Gracefully, and in all beauty,I couldn’t find an emotion in them,I want to be expressed,like planets carry the state of fate,I want to dance,To be seen,Shown, to convey a message,But, of that all, do you hear me, amidst this chaos? online at:Continue reading “Dancing Planets – Anusha (Undestined Pieces- Thinking Beyond”

For Frog – Renwick Berchild (the Larkspur Home)

Cool frog, take your hopto next year’s barbecue burble, the peoplerotund turtles, carrying their professionstoasting white smiles with their goblet mirrors. I’ll follow; you’ll take the paththat crosses John Avenue and wendsthrough Ms. Janet’s row of bleeding hearts.(I might pocket one on the way, ok?) I don’t mind leaving it; the backyard elbowingand the nightmareContinue reading “For Frog – Renwick Berchild (the Larkspur Home)”

Magic – Jordi Rozenmen (culled from Vita Brevis Press)

There is always magicIn the space between two trees And then fireflies, In their symphonic silence, in the soft darkSlow to realize—dozens of them In one long, grassy spaceAnd if you just look long enoughA sudden—quiet—multiplying of lightPinpointsA pulseRising out of airOut of nowhereLow to the groundSubtle, your undulatingHeartbeat is in there, fiveTimes per twinkle, steady That isContinue reading “Magic – Jordi Rozenmen (culled from Vita Brevis Press)”