a serried tale – indishe (theindieshe)

The serried twists and sharp turns, Ensheathed in a veiled canopy , That hides its dazzling sheen, From those that envy its resplendent allure, Unsurpassed, Untouched. It beckons you, Tantalising, Mocking that you can’t you reach it, As you want it all the more. You just walk along in tremulous fear, Gingerly circumventing the folds,Continue reading “a serried tale – indishe (theindieshe)”


Pieces of my soul ( a nonet) These words are all I have now for you, You will find pieces of my soul, Each word a chapter of life, A syllabic deluge, An ardent torrent, But all unsaid Safely cached, Unsent, Dead. Via : https://wp.me/p4xNpg-b1w find indishe online at: https://indishe.wordpress.com/

A strange world – indishe (theindieshe)

Strange is this new world! Anonymous fear, All pervading, A fragile trust, Wary trepidation, Lonely roads, Shuttered and desolate, Caged minds, Barred souls, Afar. Bonhomie vanished, No festive fire, A melancholic moroseness, A pallid gloom. As we pray for days of yore, When life was a celebration, A momentous jubilation. online at: https://indishe.wordpress.com/

Thursday photo prompt: Painted #writephoto – indishe

https://indishe.wordpress.com/ A wooden bridge, It led to nowhere, Deep into the verdant bloom, Enigmatic, Mysterious. It dared the passerby, To tread on the shaky bridge, As the lilies looked on nonchalantly, Smirking, Mocking the traveller, For the secrets of the forest, None could find, Nature’s cache safely hidden, For unknown hands, They had defiled manyContinue reading “Thursday photo prompt: Painted #writephoto – indishe”

Celebrating Mothers – Indishe

I loved her, And she loved me all the more. I cried, And she cried all the more. But the dewy pearls only inside seen, For outside she was all serene. Her warm embrace, Her gentle a hug, A pat on the cheek, And a ponytail tug, It made me laugh away all my turmoils.Continue reading “Celebrating Mothers – Indishe”

Hope (A double etheree) – indishe

Light,Vibrant,Spreading love,Now cloistered deepAnd Melancholic,It Fluttered in fury,Darting at the grey cover,Slipping through tiny crevices,The icicles now with a dull sheenA Suffusion of warmth so radiant.Leaving a fiery trail on dreary grey, The errant ray full of lively spright,A cavalcade of surging hope,Flaunting its golden shimmer,Consoling the dark surf ,For all was not lost,Shades ofContinue reading “Hope (A double etheree) – indishe”

Vagaries – indishe

Vague are the vagaries of life,They tell usTo silence us.They show usTo blind us.They lead usTo mislead.Vague emotionsAnd nameless turmoils,Make you fall in the vortex of life.The cauldron of lifeBrims overWith life emoticonsAll over. for more from this author, click here: https://indishe.wordpress.com/