Awkward Crush -Deb Wittham

I saw you kissing her today,Yup my best friends, but I knowI’ll forgive you, for you are it,The one, my love, Ok you’veNever spoken to me butWhen you do you’ll realizeWe’re meant to be together likePaper and pen,Sneakers and chewing gum,Young love and desire.‘Til then I’ll wait and talk to myHer, she loves to gossip.Continue reading “Awkward Crush -Deb Wittham”

When Honestly Doesn't Honestly Pay – Rebecca Sanchez

I found this poem posted on Nan Mykel’s page, here: What if a small lie… Could help the truth slide byhelp someone who’s gone astraysometimes it’s just the best way. What if the small lie… Would help someone feel bettermake the world a nicer placesave another person’s face. Honesty is the keyit’s plain toContinue reading “When Honestly Doesn't Honestly Pay – Rebecca Sanchez”