(Funny Friday) – Svelte (Blasé)

They say my vision has diminished but I’m not so sure where once were two lights I’m now seeing four! I look into the mirror and what do I see one, two there’s a whole other me! they say my sight has diminished but I’m not so sure everywhere I look I’m seeing so muchContinue reading “(Funny Friday) – Svelte (Blasé)”

The Weekly Hilarity Contest 5/16 – 5/22/2020 – Debbie Whittam

https://debbiewhittam.wordpress.com/ Martin was a savvy bloke,He worked hard and drank much beer.He didn’t talk too much,And rather liked Shakespeare.One warm day he decided,To go into the woods for a walk.He didn’t get to far thoughFor a voice began to talk.It told him to survive,He would require many things.A gun, ammunition, matches and a jackknife,Was whatContinue reading “The Weekly Hilarity Contest 5/16 – 5/22/2020 – Debbie Whittam”

The Flea Who Kept Washing His Hands – blindzanygirl

A flea who kept washing his handsCouldn’t keep up with demandsHe fell down exhaustedHis arms he had bustedSo he fixed them with rubber bands for more flea fun, find blindzanygirl here: https://blindwilderness.wordpress.com/

Awkward Crush -Deb Wittham

I saw you kissing her today,Yup my best friends, but I knowI’ll forgive you, for you are it,The one, my love, Ok you’veNever spoken to me butWhen you do you’ll realizeWe’re meant to be together likePaper and pen,Sneakers and chewing gum,Young love and desire.‘Til then I’ll wait and talk to myHer, she loves to gossip.Continue reading “Awkward Crush -Deb Wittham”