I was a child —Bacardi Gold

I knocked at your door I heard a voice I knocked once more ‘Till the voice flee Outside the house A playful young crowd To be with them They called me Playing was a child’s hour With fellow children With the neighborhood An hour became forgetting I remembered you You were sick in bed NotContinue reading “I was a child —Bacardi Gold”

Pole Dancer – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)

https://undressedthoughts.com/ wrapped her frustrationin the prettiest attireglistening like a crystalshe became the fire stepped inside the barsoaring high in heelsleaving behind the tearsalive is what she wants to feel yearning for freedompetrified in taxing painthe overflowing wineleft a non washable stain emptying the glass contentsdiscarding the tasteless winelet the excitement beginearning for survival is primeContinue reading “Pole Dancer – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)”