sun and moon – House of Heart

Your lips against my skin make my bones smolder. You are subtle like the imprints of fingertips pressed along my thighs dissolving into each other. Can you can read my life with my heart beat in your palm? With Scorpio eyes recycled like the mist of morning rain. we are sun and moon falling canContinue reading “sun and moon – House of Heart”

Come Autumn – House of Heart

On a mossy hill behind a mock castle we will read Aristophanes to harems of nymphs strumming their lyre. Words transform to birds flitting hearts of lovers while  I contemplate the perfect angle of your face breathe in the amber resin of pine trees that permeate our senses There in the unruffled pools of yourContinue reading “Come Autumn – House of Heart”

milieu – House of Heart

You want her to be realA half smile curve of lipsa glide of a hand through hairYou want to be her clothesfalling as she unfolds to thesound of heels on a marble floorher feet have formed the shape of hershoes and when she arches her backshe soars as high as imaginedwings can fly. art byContinue reading “milieu – House of Heart”

To Get To You – House of Heart

In this dream my arms are the branches of trees and you are my nourishment. Cut me down to a boat. My spine is a sturdy keel my hair a furl of sails in the dark sky of uncertainty. A lighthouse is my only lamp the stars held captive in your hand. If the seaContinue reading “To Get To You – House of Heart”

whir of days – House of Heart

Comes  the days when we reach back into seas of pinpoint diamonds where like globes of fire we spun through glimmering heavens yielding only to the pull of hearts. Now the dew falls from our eyes Not from  the sky, the tide pulls outward and mountains lose their foothold but a new sun is risingContinue reading “whir of days – House of Heart”

The Gold – House of Heart

Nights while you sleep  my lips are so close I can draw your breath in like an infant at its mother’s breast. I  run my fingers down the curve of your spine lean in to breathe your smokey scent. I have entered that golden part of you immersed the sea that claimed me in oceansContinue reading “The Gold – House of Heart”

Blue Heron – House of Heart

There is a bird whose wings are the shades of a rainbow. When he grieves his sighs pervade the caves of forgotten dreams. His  sound is the laughter of children flowing like rippling  rivers to   soothe the hearts of angels. His tongue drips with the honey of desert flowers and his eyes are  an oceanContinue reading “Blue Heron – House of Heart”

Intentions – House of Heart

I  wonder about your kiss. Is it the taste of sweet oranges? Now Spring  hovers at my lips and my hair is filled with flowers. For you  a crown of ferns and twigs plucked between stones of a river. Wrapped in the arms of a gentle breeze I fear we will never kiss still myContinue reading “Intentions – House of Heart”

Wanderer – House of Heart

You with the unruly hairenticing prey with thatforbidden smile.They bore you but the game isthe thing and the road that youtravel howls with the Blue’s train.You navigate your map of unchartedpleasures and who could not love youfor dreaming a bold universe beyondthis pale world?At night You lie down on a river of starsamong drifting shadowsContinue reading “Wanderer – House of Heart”

confessionals and currency – House of Heart

Sheer scarves cover a bed side  lamp as night slips in on tiger paws the swaying beams of a velvet moon drift through  veils  of lilac tulle Her egg shell limbs are  caught in binds, her breasts alert gazelles she is the red of womanhood her eyes the shade of currency Her mind is  his confessionalContinue reading “confessionals and currency – House of Heart”