Hope – Stella

https://stellabailey.wordpress.com/ Under this petri dish sky There is a nasty bug that darkens the sky Where one day there will be nowhere to hide There is latex soaked in alcohol And discarded face covers coating the ground But in these days when there is no hope to be found While we wait for the nextContinue reading “Hope – Stella”

Hope (a double etheree)- Indieshe

Light, Vibrant,Spreading love,Now cloistered deepAnd Melancholic,It Fluttered in fury,Darting at the grey cover,Slipping through tiny crevices,The icicles now with a dull sheenA Suffusion of warmth so radiant.Leaving a fiery trail on dreary grey, The errant ray full of lively spright,A cavalcade of surging hope,Flaunting its golden shimmer,Consoling the dark surf ,For all was not lost,ShadesContinue reading “Hope (a double etheree)- Indieshe”