Dogs…a poem – hitandrun1964 (of Rethinking Life)

it doesn’t matterif your lithe and longlean and leggyorround and stronga ballor frisbeeis all it takesto get some dogsup and runningoff the groundsure cats may laughand shake their headsthey know that dogscan’t flyyou’ll never seen onewalk on a fenceor jump clear to the skybut dogs don’t careabout those thingsthey’d ratherplay and sharetheir real joycomes fastContinue reading “Dogs…a poem – hitandrun1964 (of Rethinking Life)”

Drifting… – hitandrun1964 (Rethinking Life) and when it’s overI’d like to thinkwe driftquietly towardthe lightsurrounded in peaceand readyto begin a newand excitingadventure for more from this deep diver, click on over:

Color…a poem – hitandrun1964 (Rethinking Life) she loved colorit was all around herwherever she lookedcolor blossomedinto existenceit wasEVERYWHEREshe walked through itplayed in itslept in itcolor was drawn to herlike honey beesto their favorite flowersshe inhaledand exhaledreds pinks blues greensyellowacquaand tealbut little by littleit becamemore difficultto see heruntil one dayshe simply disappearedand all that remainedwas an explosionof glorioushuesand a gentle whisperonContinue reading “Color…a poem – hitandrun1964 (Rethinking Life)”

Woman…a poem- hitandrun1964

she felt their eyes upon heras their hungry thoughts rushed through her bodythe colors of their desiresplattering against the wall behind heras they always didshe pretended not to noticeengaging themwould only encourage themand thenshe would want to kill themso she kept walkingher hand in her pocketwrapped aroundthe cool handleof the gunthat was nestled there Picture:PixabayContinue reading “Woman…a poem- hitandrun1964”