The way love is… – Michelle Cook We can love with all we’ve gotAnd we can give our hearts awayBut that doesn’t necessarily meanThat the ones we love will stay And sometimes there are peopleWho just can’t love you backNo matter what we say or doThere’s something that they lack And maybe it’s becauseSome people just can’t seeThe importance of aContinue reading “The way love is… – Michelle Cook”

I prevail – Michelle Cook As my eyes openThe light deflects my thoughtsLike insects they scurry awayLeaving a trail of unfinished reflections This is why I write so much betterWhen I’m on the verge of dreamingIn darkness and seclusionIs where most of my ideas are born Just like the vast oceansTeeming with animals we’ve never seenSo it is theContinue reading “I prevail – Michelle Cook”

He’s like the wind – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven) ThereThen goneBack againThen gone againThe cycle never endsI can’t catch himKeep himMake him stayHe’s like the windThrough outstretched armsI come back emptyEvery time © 2020 Michelle Cook get more a’ Michelle’s fine Cookin’ at:

Fantasies – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

While waiting for the starsTo somehow alignI borrowed your fantasiesAnd turned them into mine I couldn’t keep clingingTo the old ones I keptThey were too full of sadnessAnd so much regret © 2019 Michelle Cook for more at Michelle Cook’s ‘Her Writing Haven’, click here: