My Shadow Sleeps Forever – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due) Fur remains to markthe common, cozy places of his rest.Nuzzling, my constant companion of over16 years seeks solace in my touch.His nose nudges my hands as thoughpropelled by the vibration of his purring.Matted, greasy fur from a lack ofself care covers him. He headbutts me in earnest,as aggressive for affection as ever. I haveContinue reading “My Shadow Sleeps Forever – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due)”

LAST NIGHT YOU FELL – blindzanygirl

Last night you fellAnd I fell with youFor you are my lightThough often you don’t know itAnd as I wakeI hear you breathingAnd know that all is wellAnd wish for better days for youThat all could be peace againJust like it used to beBut for us there is no peaceJust the daily struggleExisting is noContinue reading “LAST NIGHT YOU FELL – blindzanygirl”