winter of my heart – hazel meadows

the winter of my heart when a great solitude – stagnation and silence – falls upon me. I am no further in bloom nor in harvest, within my center a barren branch without leaf, without song. I must simply wait and in the defrost a nest begins – built string by twig until the sparrow’sContinue reading “winter of my heart – hazel meadows”

do you hear them too? – hazel meadows

there are some times when creative voices have quieted sitting silent gathering momentum and I languish wondering when they will speak again instructing my hand harboring my heart and helping clear my head I need them they soften me and stir my soul and I owe it to them to always listen for more fromContinue reading “do you hear them too? – hazel meadows”

memories – hazel meadows remembering you is like being sick and the sun shining outside. the memories are beautiful but I still feel like hell inside for more from this author, please find here here: image: