Tide – Mark Ryan

https://havocandconsequence.wordpress.com/ How high to stem the breaching tide.That washes daily into our lives.A rise and fall, with horrific force.Split and cut right though our course.And though at times it seems sublime.It slowly soaks with turpentine.A drowning water in our lungs.Of life’s debris, while Satan hums.And watches while we slowly sink.God’s dye is cast, a deepContinue reading “Tide – Mark Ryan”

Rush —Mark Ryan

Humbled, caught in such rapture. Clinging to joy like a root to a tree. No longer myself, yet loved still. Understanding fate’s anatomy. Chaos now silenced, calm like a church. We pray in the days that unfold. Burning them fully like candle wicks of life. Threatened each day by the wind that is blowing. FromContinue reading “Rush —Mark Ryan”

Sparkle – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)

https://havocandconsequence.wordpress.com/ Placing hands on such skin.Wishing to dive right in.And swim, in the soul full of diamonds.I broke you out amber.Pulled away the tar and thick oil.Which stained my hands and heart.One kiss pulls me under.One word lifts me up.The vibrations are clear, and stardust tells no lies.For heaven assumed.Once prayed and pried out ofContinue reading “Sparkle – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)”

Ruin – Mark Ryan

Blaze the craze which rips through the world.Such times to be alive.Born from the birds which fly south for winter.Pecking at the moon.Which idea is now spun from younger lips?For children withhold such commitment.We welcome you to the future.Putting your ear to the soil to hear the earth murmur.A wailing in the wind and theContinue reading “Ruin – Mark Ryan”

Salvation forest – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)

This is what keeps me alive.You drying on my skin.Lobsters of the deep, snap memories for us to share.For me to fish for.Your tongue, a mind of its own.I hope you don’t mind, that I describe you in such words.But this is what I need.A photosynthesis of love from sadness.Breathing deep in me, swelling myContinue reading “Salvation forest – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)”