Devalued. – Harley Reborn

I miss the days where it wasn’t so easy To up and run away Where serious things were met With responsible responses No matter how much someone might Want to forget Maybe it was the invention of caller ID Or perhaps answering machines Pagers beep beep Or maybe it’s just me Maybe I need toContinue reading “Devalued. – Harley Reborn”

Veneno – Harley Reborn

Stopping by woods On a snowy evening Little red riding hood Was not prepared for the Big bad wolf He seemed so gentle at first Almost protective Absolutely seductive As he got her drunk On all he was Once he made his move Surely there was no use For she would succumb to The finalContinue reading “Veneno – Harley Reborn”

You Had Me at Gossamer It was vintage us You the broken down stranger On the side of the road I accidentally turned on I was a complete mess on the verge of God only knows what I had escaped the snake pit and was Riding my way to hell in hopes of Never to be seen again AndContinue reading “You Had Me at Gossamer”

Wonderland – Harley Reborn

Should I ever want to visit wonderland All I would need to do is Follow the white rabbit To my vanity And gaze into my oversized mirror I will see many things that are Not quite as they appear And the thoughts that cloud My judgement Are all mad here Like I shouldn’t have eatenContinue reading “Wonderland – Harley Reborn”