A Little More – maxim cartography(Cartographysis)

There’s a little more, a little further and deeper,into the heart, into an apartment shower,rough, rogue and robust;someone who knowsso much refuge,the navigatingroad maps of eucalyptus splitting branches,and scroll full terrain pennedin long hands and phrases,the bathing forest, fierce and fearsome,Yes, a little lighter,like the manuscript of leaves falling and decomposing,A little more hurried,the anxiousContinue reading “A Little More – maxim cartography(Cartographysis)”

Being Ready – Vivian Zems (Smell the Coffee)

https://smellthecoffeeweb.com/ Gone are the days when I’dsearch for my couragebetween heartbeatsor blindly alongthe dry walls of my mouth..sometimes pretending I’d found itThese days, I clutch iteven more tightlyeven as thunder gathers in the throatof a threatening stormand the lion fixes his gaze on meI await the winds that seekto destroy mefor they are precisely theContinue reading “Being Ready – Vivian Zems (Smell the Coffee)”

Poem for my Father: Blue Collar Angel – Mark Tulin (Crow On The Wire)

Dad woke me at 2 a.m.It was hard to leave a warm bedand a cherry-colored dream.“It’s time for us to go to work,” Dad said,“to buy fruit and vegetables for our store.” It was bitter cold outside.The winds rattled the double-pane windowsand the snow came downhard and heavyover the darkened houses of our street. ButContinue reading “Poem for my Father: Blue Collar Angel – Mark Tulin (Crow On The Wire)”

OUT OF MY BOX – blindzanygirl (blind wilderness)

The man I knew is on the rocksSoon his games will be endedI am out of my box Crafty he was, like a foxNo one my soul defendedThe man I knew is on the rocks I can’t turn back the clocksNone of it was intendedI am be out of my box His love was likeContinue reading “OUT OF MY BOX – blindzanygirl (blind wilderness)”

Three Tanka – B Gourley

Iplucking stringsthe player feels each note,his eyes closedhe lets himself be surprisedby vibrations of bone or soul IIthe butterflysplays its wings and holds,in that stillnessit becomes a flower’til it must butter-fly III wind touslesthe grain-weighted headsof ripe wheatthe sway is erraticthe sound is subtle online at: https://berniegourley.com/

Maybe Someday – michnavs

maybe someday I will beyour sweetest melodysoothing your lonesome heartin splended tranquilityserenading youjust, you maybe someday I will beyour happiest thoughteasing your anxietyin times of despairmusing youjust, you maybe someday we will bewriting together, a love poem duoon a stop overin a train stationto Paris  Maybe someday just you and Iby the train stationto Paris  inContinue reading “Maybe Someday – michnavs”

Hush – Frank Regan (Made of Sticks and Stones)

Susurrus,Wind kisses upon the water. The breeze stirs the leaves of the willow,Moving like the fingertips of a dancer would.Elegant branches,Limbs of an acrobat, swayDipping low agitating the mirror calmOf the tranquil pool. Elemental water and sylvan spirit of living woodAllowed to commune,Within this companion silence. © 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved. OriginallyContinue reading “Hush – Frank Regan (Made of Sticks and Stones)”

Wonderful Life – Charly Priest (Crazy Life)

The life you are bornYou make or not make the big hornTrying to pretendYou end up in a deep endBut in my case- a wonderful lifeGood, bad, ugly, and silly justA wonderful life. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. for more from Charly, click on over: https://charlypriest.wordpress.com/