Filth – Jacob Ibrag (Eyes + Words)

Written by Jacob Ibrag They want to go outside and move around. Barefoot among the elements. The dirtier the pavement the better. Filth makes it feel real. Tired of their cleanliness. It’s not that they want to be careless, it’s simply the option of having it. This self made prison and its recycled air. Homes incubatingContinue reading “Filth – Jacob Ibrag (Eyes + Words)”

End of the Rope – Ali Grimshaw The rope winds gently around my waist,twisted, smoothly strong by years of mistakes,trying again, doubt and wondering how. Thick with memories of others whobelieved with the strength of solid ground.Believed that all earthquakes eventually stop shaking.Believed in soil’s ability to grow what we need next. The end of this rope was handed to meContinue reading “End of the Rope – Ali Grimshaw”

New Meaning – Roth Poetry Forced SolitaryOld walls come downWe must talk*****Light breaks the darknessBuilding bridges heart to heartWords hold new meaning***** “Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”~Mizuta Masahide Mish, at d’verse, asked what we can learn from all unsettling things that are happening around us. The quote by Mizuta Masahide shows that good can comeContinue reading “New Meaning – Roth Poetry”

ended – chester maynes

it’s not our choice.dilemma is fevered.twice is never enough.the clock is still ticking. there are shoes to fill.but not all feet can fit.we have different destiny.sometimes we have jealousy. the way we ended.we did not love.separation is tangles with death. 2020 for more from this author, please click here:

Social Distancing – Kymber Hawke

It’s time for social distancingBut I’ve been doing that for yearsIt saves from getting hurtAnd shedding unwelcome tears Now that everyone is practicingI wish I could go outExplore the world in all its finenessWith no one else about But nothing out there’s openSo I might as well stay homeRead some books, kiss my husbandAnd prayContinue reading “Social Distancing – Kymber Hawke”

BE GONE – blindzanygirl

I tryTo shake you offSmash you into piecesSee you writhing on the hard groundDefeatIs yoursMy gift to you today with loveOf a different kindBe gone sly fearDie now for more from this author at ‘Blind Wilderness’, click here:

The mind of a Poet – My Valiant Soul I have this indigo skyline infront of me,expanding the vastnessi put my thoughts about it into my blood.not swallowing it down to my veinsi have thoughts about thoughts,my pale tea leaves dissolving so fervently into the water,the sorbet pouring down the jug till the rim creaks i have you in my mind now,sipping myContinue reading “The mind of a Poet – My Valiant Soul”

“let me wake up”- Nayana Nair someone whisperedyou are specialand i knew that this is sleep(the pleasantly confusing side),that this is a memory of somethingthat will never happen again (should i be sad?).paper dolls hurried me down the aisleof a supermarket, opening up packets and packetsof laughter that I had not yet paid for(should i be worried?)They made me standContinue reading ““let me wake up”- Nayana Nair”

I Heard Myself – The Human Anvil I heard myself,Through passing prose of life,In random echoes unending,World’s single rhyme,Each pause in time.I heard myself,Matching morning’s croon,In silent noon,Tuning strings of Brooks,Counting steps that took,A different turn. I remember, the warmth of your handThe feel of your fingers, like embers,That winter night,When you held me first,Like marionette,Strings leashed to your lashes,As youContinue reading “I Heard Myself – The Human Anvil”

NEITHER OR EITHER – blindzanygirl

At the back of my mind I find youThough really you do not existPerhaps I made you upThen hid you ready to access when I need youOver and over againI turn over the things of lifeOr are they really deathI no longer known what is livingAnd what is dyingThough maybe both are the same thingContinue reading “NEITHER OR EITHER – blindzanygirl”