‘Valorous – Jojo Al-waealy

In vibrant of the night I close my eyes, As afraid as I am I hear your voice for a moment to only hear words of lies. It was like a symphony, symphony of cries. I seek the moon’s light for me to guide In the night by the wise. Wandering soul passing through myContinue reading “‘Valorous – Jojo Al-waealy”

The Same Song – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)

If the message were clear then everyone would understand it and we wouldn’t have to sit here listening to the same song over and over hearing each time anew the whispers between lines the words lost amid reverberating chords music to drown out the noise and to keep us company as further we go downContinue reading “The Same Song – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)”

stages – just another girl

where is he now,she wondersthe first boy who kissed her cheek?they were fiveso unsuspectingof the havoc that kiss would wreak ‘n whateverhappened tothe first boy who carried her books?so brave,with his steamed-up glassesblue plaid coat with metal hooks she always smileswhen she remembersthe boy whose virginity she tookthose lustfulteenaged kisseshis shocked, delighted look neverhas sheContinue reading “stages – just another girl”

…New song on a gloomy day – Maxima

Written: © Maxima  The scent of evening rain,the breath of love,the heat of passion in me, in us,your lips pressing mine,your warm breasts tremble in my palmsthe breath of love, of drunken wedding guestsnoisily say goodbye to the bride’s innocence. Morning wakes to the roosters crowa new song on a gloomy dayand we…we do not sleep.Continue reading “…New song on a gloomy day – Maxima”

A dog’s life – Tref (Trefology)

It was in late-August, the day my sister and I returned home from summer camp and our dog Pepper was not at the door to greet us. *** We called her name, “Pepper!” and we searched around the house, but Pepper was nowhere to be found. ***. That evening, our father told us that while we were at camp,Continue reading “A dog’s life – Tref (Trefology)”

To Your Heart – Chris Nelson

I sent a message to your heartThat only reached your headA string of words which hung on silkAround my neck like leadI wrote a tune, a melodyAnd hummed it in your earThe open heartbeat spaces thereThe sounds you couldn’t hearI smiled a smile behind my eyeTo bridge the gap betweenAnd grew a rainbow in theContinue reading “To Your Heart – Chris Nelson”

Into fall’s hands – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

We were young and we were wild,Didn’t really care for slow or mild,Dove into love without a second thought,Fairy tale romance was what we sought,Our first kiss, pure bliss, like magic;Slow-deep, then passionate-frantic,“Better than Romeo and Juliet”, we’d say,We made promises, didn’t delay,We were rainbows and springtime roses,We ran unbound like wild horses. Until weContinue reading “Into fall’s hands – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”

My Circus – GwenAnn (beauty of imperfection: the kintsukuroi life)

The Ringmaster has lost controlOf this, his favorite show,The acts are going crazyAnd he doesn’t even know! The elephants are ragingThe monkeys? Flinging poo!While the audience is clappingOver all of this ado Eating popcorn, munching peanutsAs the Big Top comes aliveWith the cries of the poor players(I wonder who’ll survive) The clowns are being eatenByContinue reading “My Circus – GwenAnn (beauty of imperfection: the kintsukuroi life)”