Spaceship – Shllyn We often joked about dying Together in a spaceship Blasting off above clouds That looked like cotton fields Toward the woman in the sky We both fell in love with And wrapping up our wanderlust-filled adventures With the most exciting one of them all Our eyes have cherished the moon At her most brilliantContinue reading “Spaceship – Shllyn”

Salt – AB (Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything) The beat restartsFlicker on the screenHope of life rekindlesin darkness so deepThe person you seeThat person doesn’t weepAfter million cuts of sorrowInjuries so steepHe has to hold his heartCaress it to sleepto hide unstoppablesalty water for more from AB, click the following link:

Come to the Citadel – Mitchell David Ring

Come all to the citadel behind walls of bone and see the roads that wind away to the edge where many go but none have passed beyond into the world that sighs filled with promises of a thousand ends and pain far greater than what the city knows Monsters play in shadows of the horizonContinue reading “Come to the Citadel – Mitchell David Ring”

sophisticated chaos – foxesandpoems (A Woman is a Poem)

the systematic sophistication of chaos in defense of reincarnation — I was drafted in the mingling of ennui  and half moon martini olives drifting in the hapless mendacity of some tepid soirée at some darkened apartment in some listless city I stood in the foyer hoping to be mistaken for a Grecian urn a TrojanContinue reading “sophisticated chaos – foxesandpoems (A Woman is a Poem)”

Dirty Pretty – Taylor Grace

Sinfully sweetGritty beautyLofty sensualityVivid redTinged pinkSmeared graffitiAcross her lipsSucculent textureTaste of her kissSuperb qualityRushing needDelving deepImprinting frenzyDirty prettySeducing Me for more from this author, click here:

May Queen – Mitchell David Ring

Follow the scent of ritual deeper into obscured places past the watching eyes of a sacred few with hands raised to a smiling sky and eyes that tell of suffering shared by all All that lies beneath the surface is hidden in plain sight waiting to be seen by the uninitiated The woodlands breathe inContinue reading “May Queen – Mitchell David Ring”

Baptismal Pool – Mark Tulin

Once I said Yes, I believe, I felt my body floating backwardin slow motion as if on the wings of an angel,releasing me into the baptismal pool. Submerged three feet under, I floated lifelessly.My head supported by delicate hands.My soul delivered by sacred words.All my tension gone. I wish I could have stayed therein the warmth of her breath,nurturedContinue reading “Baptismal Pool – Mark Tulin”

Cold to the Bone – Kindra M. Austin

Lungs of disparities breathe in unison gusts. I am disproportionate, Speak my voices of dissidence in devilish tongues. I am the sick in my own mouth of madness, and Cold to the bone. I am the moonfaced ghoul that lives beneath the firmament And above ground, too— Hell won’t even host me. Because I’m disproportionate,Continue reading “Cold to the Bone – Kindra M. Austin”

Time's Arrow – B Gourley

Precognition? I barely have post-cognition —which is to say, memory. I have memories of memories of a world that never was. Cobbled together hopes, dreams, and fears made into a montage of me. One could chip away at what never was, but I’m not sure reality could support it’s own weight. What was might endContinue reading “Time's Arrow – B Gourley”