Hours – A.P. Christopher (a constant Variable)

So whether with a smile,Word, or song, or blade stilettoThey’re just different names for stringsAnd you, my dear, are still Geppetto And I, to them beholdenSaying all your lead is goldenWait with sadly bated breath to see how long until I fold in And underneath the ireWhere your grin is like a daggerAnd the woundsContinue reading “Hours – A.P. Christopher (a constant Variable)”

The Politics of Doors – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)

https://robertokaji.com/ The Politics of Doors With every doorway, decisions.Accept, deny. Turn. How to resist the ajar,the barely closed? Is what emergesexpelled or escaped, free or released?Resistant as always, I swivel,pause to inhale. for more from Robert, please find him here: https://robertokaji.com/

Survival Charade – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)

https://thelightison.blog/ Eyes out of night beyond transcendence come alive in a charade before the masses black as ink waiting to tell their story to pour out and drown the reaching hands Swim away through midnight and you may survive Float over fathoms deep, kingdoms of the sun long fallen to the crushing depths and lostContinue reading “Survival Charade – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)”