Cottage Melody – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Catena Rondo The house of song we called it She sat playing her old guitar Singing of sun, moon, and star The house of song we called it She sat playing her old guitarPlucking notes on finger tipsSoul words forming on her lipsShe sat playing her old guitar Plucking notes on finger tipsWith storiesContinue reading “Cottage Melody – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Casey’s General Store – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog) Small towns can thrive, survive even, people can be people and move on, recognize, realize, but some towns are ghost towns with living relics routinely walking to the one store ’round for miles, big white letters and reddish store front beckoning those off the highway and those coming ’round to hear the tales ofContinue reading “Casey’s General Store – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog)”

Bright Lights #whatdoyousee- michnavs

why is it my love thatwhen i look at youi see light,like i’ve never seenit beforewhy is it my love thatmy worldhas turned into blueas i hold your handsdearly and gentlyin the silenceof my dreamsand my mutedmemorieswhereare allthe brightlightsmy love? (For visually challenged reader, the image shows a woodland scene, where blue butterflies are sittingContinue reading “Bright Lights #whatdoyousee- michnavs”

Reliance – Writer in Retrospect

There is anger in your chidings;Worry in your voice.When life sends out its tidings,What will be my choice? Will I make a grand mistakeAnd then come crawling back to you?Is it more than you can takeThat I’m not one, but two? We’re like Buffy and Giles,Or like the Winchester brothers:We share tears and smilesUntil itContinue reading “Reliance – Writer in Retrospect”

Poem: Reading Courageously – B Gourley If you’ve never been incensed,challenged, or nauseous —your reading is too safe, puny,and far, far too cautious. Reading should be a courageous actthat threatens all you know.It should shove your feet into shoesfar different from your own. If you want your world unchanged,T.V. is right for you.Books will insist you be torn a-part andContinue reading “Poem: Reading Courageously – B Gourley”

hooligans in an otherwise peaceful place – Rachel (Patient and Kind)

I tapped my ash from cigarettes smoked nervously. Never smoke on normal days, but our world seems odd, Slightly skewed and leaving crinkled knots In my organs, needing ironing out with drugs. The world was folding in for many days, A sense of buttered hate on blackened toast, Just something not quite right, that makeContinue reading “hooligans in an otherwise peaceful place – Rachel (Patient and Kind)”

silence – Melody Chen (heartbeatingwings)

you call me on the phonecrying, because you do not think you are a good personthey said we could be anything but we chose to be silentand it is so beautiful to be alivebut only until a man is just a bodyuntil our taped lips kiss the motionless chestuntil teeth grind the tongue into aContinue reading “silence – Melody Chen (heartbeatingwings)”

Take Me – Dale Beck (Future Daze)

TAKE ME Take me to the place, where we sat in the sun with a fun picnic… Where we smoked joints like the old days, Where we knew love like heaven… And you were heaven sent. And I, the immortal eye, Found Nirvana. Take me to the time, Where I sat with a book AndContinue reading “Take Me – Dale Beck (Future Daze)”