While the World Sleeps – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)

There’s this sensation of freefall all the time even when on long walks while the world sleeps the sky seems just to be letting go and the fall is endless down into solitude Maybe on the way down my eyes will open and just when it gets too dark to see I’ll notice the wayContinue reading “While the World Sleeps – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)”

Anticipatory Love – Rahul Gauer (Smoke Words Every Day)

Dissociation in styleI walk on reflected cloudsIt’s a metaphorical livingI wish I could live on the groundI always wander in the spacesLiminal places of the nether worldwhere the shape of a snow is intactand the anticipation of a surprise still betterthan the surprise of you visitingwhere you don’t usually visitUsually i’m the first to arriveContinue reading “Anticipatory Love – Rahul Gauer (Smoke Words Every Day)”

Persistence of the unforgetting – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)

Sunken deep like forgotten wrecks.A hate that broods, contorts and flex.This grudge is old and just like oil.Black with time, and within me coils.Staining my soul with its heartless rind.Unforgotten, despite the passage of time.But time has come to break the bond.That swirling hole, that stagnant pond.I will no longer give food to the beast.ItContinue reading “Persistence of the unforgetting – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)”

The Bells of St. Mark’s – Chris Nelson

And I heard the bells of Saint Mark’s Their plaintive cry counting the distance Like crows on the wind That stretched between us Each solemn tone a landmark On the horizon that I could never reach Each echoed silence a hollow Where all your words lie naked bruised I hear that the winter bites hardContinue reading “The Bells of St. Mark’s – Chris Nelson”

Dancing Planets – Anusha (Undestined Pieces- Thinking Beyond

Did I hear dance?Because I don’t think I stand a chance,Although I could move,Gracefully, and in all beauty,I couldn’t find an emotion in them,I want to be expressed,like planets carry the state of fate,I want to dance,To be seen,Shown, to convey a message,But, of that all, do you hear me, amidst this chaos? online at:Continue reading “Dancing Planets – Anusha (Undestined Pieces- Thinking Beyond”

A Moth to Flame

steered again towardsthe flame, moth haltsthen turns tofly away, forest’s brightest pyres leavea bone-deep char ontips of wings, and a hint ofnicotine infusesskin, drawn towardsanotherflame- but moth’s grownbored of thegame. ++++ on search for hotter wayto feel twilight’ssizzle, moth carves out a space insilence and curlsup in themiddle. pardon the interruption. 😉 Grumpy Gormanigram: https://www.instagram.com/grumpygorman/?hl=en +++++Continue reading “A Moth to Flame”

Dip me In – Yamini (of Live Your Life 24/7)

Dip me in a can of whiteImmerse me in it till I drownThen let me emerge as a new meKilling a soul and birthing a colorWho is painted in your hueWho is one of you, among you Dip me in a can of whiteImmerse me in it till I drownLet my cries silence foreverAs IContinue reading “Dip me In – Yamini (of Live Your Life 24/7)”

War Chest – The Oldschool Harlequin (from World of Harley)

Each leader has a war chest,Millions,Paid for with blood and limbs,The gold of the chest,Pounds and dollars and roubles,Minted in hells flames,Emblazoned with skulls grinning,Baying for oil and miles, The true fuel for warfare,The ammunition of conflict,As the chest opens its charnel maw,Arms dealers rub their hands,And children cry in droves,The drool of the chest,ItContinue reading “War Chest – The Oldschool Harlequin (from World of Harley)”