Consequential Circumstance | The Vision of Poets

i am afraid that i will forget days as soon as i live them so i make lists to force myself to live to force myself to remember that i did live (that i was alive) (because is it really living, this?) recoding everything i have ever done like it has any meaning at allContinue reading “Consequential Circumstance | The Vision of Poets”

An Ordinary Girl —Ishita Gupta

“An ordinary girl in fancy outfits.” An invisible label on her head. Her journey ridiculed and hardships neglected, Her blood now, a fierce shade of red. Stepped on the stage with poise and grace, Determined to unleash her true colours. A soft start with a perfect arabesque, En pointe back curved to the side, other. Immersed herselfContinue reading “An Ordinary Girl —Ishita Gupta”

bolt hole – just another girl

in love with lemon waxareas that filth can’t reachglass that’s barely therethe noxious smell of too much bleach Big Brother’s in da housethankfully, he’s outa sightclock is tickin’ far too loudon this lockdown Friday night ‘n you’re alonea scared wee mouseSeptember sun is settin’outside the walls of your safe house too much sun, too muchContinue reading “bolt hole – just another girl”

sun and moon – House of Heart

Your lips against my skin make my bones smolder. You are subtle like the imprints of fingertips pressed along my thighs dissolving into each other. Can you can read my life with my heart beat in your palm? With Scorpio eyes recycled like the mist of morning rain. we are sun and moon falling canContinue reading “sun and moon – House of Heart”

autumn – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)

squander red rockalone the ladyand darknessto the tidesdislocate Apollo,to pares of boneswed to grief;I shatter likethe blue mooninto fall’s handsin the fingertipsof flowers that were not mine& ghost planetsand shiversreserved to thedeath of the apple,and baby’s dream. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. online at: Written for this week’s Go Dog Go Prompt: into fall’sContinue reading “autumn – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)”

The Beauts – Cheemnonso (Nonso’s World)

There’s the graceful allure of august auroras,and the radiance of a splendid sun,seeing through the teardrops of heaven; There’s the ravishing bloom of pink cherry blossoms,and the artsy resplendence,weaved into the plumes of swirling macaws; There’s the last golden smile of a summer sunset,and the stunning dazzle of the moon and stars,enlivening the gorgeous collageContinue reading “The Beauts – Cheemnonso (Nonso’s World)”

Self Portrait #1 – You Little Charmer (Ramblings of a Fragile Mind)

Both a rhymer and a charmer She only sticks around for drama Writing with a screw loose or two She isn’t scared of an expletive or few Mourning the loss of her true love She knows there’s no-one up above Kind, caring and empathetic She isn’t sympathetic Often scathing but often witty She has aContinue reading “Self Portrait #1 – You Little Charmer (Ramblings of a Fragile Mind)”

The Mid Nights- Qweisie Sparrow (Pee Kay)

The stars bear witness.The 12 am knows best.My blanket is my accomplice.But my heart understands more. In those silent lonely nights,Glued to my phoneWith my ear buds;Only my heart beat understands more. With her on the frequency,The duration ticking from 1sec to 1 hour;Her voice flustered me.Yet, only my heart understands more. We talked, smiled,Continue reading “The Mid Nights- Qweisie Sparrow (Pee Kay)”

The Best Medicine – River Dixon (The Stories In Between)

I always findThe humor in thingsOtherwise, the worldWould have consumedMe long ago Trust meI’ve seen themAll of themParalyzed inTheir sufferingFelt themIn every fiberOf my being Jokes at a funeralCracking againstScowling, judgmentalStares, gaping mouthsShocked by perceivedCallous indifference But their outwardProjections, are notThe only meansTo grieveSome of usAre not soTransparentIn ourAbsorption ofThe world Outward appearancesCannot defineThe beastTearingContinue reading “The Best Medicine – River Dixon (The Stories In Between)”