M – Rascuno – Draft

https://rascunhodraft.wordpress.com/ Just as spring came, so did the day of that flower so particular that it graces our gardens. The one that perfumes our days and brings us joy with its multicolored petals, which despite being in evidence in the spring remain beautiful in any season, not only physically but from the heart. It hasContinue reading “M – Rascuno – Draft”

Mr. WB (Writer’s Block) – Vanya Rajwar (The Soul’s Urge)

https://thesoulsurge.wordpress.com/ We were sitting together yesterday again, Mr. Writer’s Block and me, Love is like a beautiful horizon I began, Not really said he. My pen swayed and I dropped it down, As my words failed and no thoughts could be formed by my mind, Mr. WB looked elated as I stared at him inContinue reading “Mr. WB (Writer’s Block) – Vanya Rajwar (The Soul’s Urge)”

Jun03 – Nathan Cocker (Poetry 365)

https://poetry-365.com/ The Battered Mannequin “She” leans nonchalantly on a lamp post in her fancy shoes. The rubble around “her” includes both “her” arms. “Her” breasts are shot off, “her” head is dented; This civil war has killed “her” trade. Now, “her” display is not new clothes. They were all stolen, along with “her” dignity, byContinue reading “Jun03 – Nathan Cocker (Poetry 365)”

blood red – just another girl

it was my mother’sfavourite colourso I planted red gardeniaswhere bees now hover my goin’ out lipstickin a tube thin & sleekso I can leave red kisseson my loved ones cheek so many shadestantalizing huesshiny red toenailspeeking through my summer shoes flags, cars, hairit flows in rivers during warsoldiers of different racesdying on a foreign shoreContinue reading “blood red – just another girl”

“Who cares what we eat?” – Navnidhi Vyas (Culled from Lucy’s Works)

Who cares what we eat?Just calming stomach’s heatExtra spicy , fried and sweetBe it eating or doing a cheat? Who cares what we eat?Overweight is common sightGlucose, lipids are at heightsAre we losing our health rights? Who cares what we eat?Gain cash at stake of fitDrain cash to regain itAre we fooling our intellect? WhoContinue reading ““Who cares what we eat?” – Navnidhi Vyas (Culled from Lucy’s Works)”

The purpose of mistakes – Ali Grimshaw (flashlight batteries)

https://flashlightbatteries.blog/ Your must lose things to find them. Rip to repair, slip to find out, who you return as. Tumble through trials be torn away from the known to evolve stronger. You must reach your own hand be burned unjustly to hear my scar’s story. © Ali Grimshaw 2020 at: https://flashlightbatteries.blog/ dVerse Poets Pub –Continue reading “The purpose of mistakes – Ali Grimshaw (flashlight batteries)”

Circle the Dead – Daffni Gingerich

https://daffniblog.wordpress.com/ I let the water wash away my sex. I let my thoughts drift in and out of stories and dimensions. There’s a primitive scent about me. There’s water circling the drain like crows circle the dead. All I know is I’m going in the ground with a fight and I hope something gives, soContinue reading “Circle the Dead – Daffni Gingerich”

A Promise of Forever – WildHeart (Wild Scared Crazy)

https://wildscaredcrazy.wordpress.com/ Don’t you see it,How you slice me?Your words sting,And your actions kill.On my heart,You’re playing dart.Or is it archery,That you practice?Now each scar hurt,A little less every day.While it’s exploding inside,With all the dreams we’d seen.Our happily ever after,Our promises of forever,Oh, how beautiful they were!Now, I silently take all your brunt,As you proveContinue reading “A Promise of Forever – WildHeart (Wild Scared Crazy)”

Social Media – The Oldschool Halequin (World of Harley)

The internet,A wondrous thing,Mankinds ultimate achievement,Turned to all manner of both evil and benevolence,Is it an information matrix?Or is it information supervision? Trust not those who control speech,Dark forces,Shrill tweets of birds of prey,Updates on a thousand-faced tome,Pornographic cyanide to be injected,Assembling an army of automatons, Are social media giants corporate necromancers?Because they practice masteryContinue reading “Social Media – The Oldschool Halequin (World of Harley)”