do you hear them too? – hazel meadows

there are some times when creative voices have quieted sitting silent gathering momentum and I languish wondering when they will speak again instructing my hand harboring my heart and helping clear my head I need them they soften me and stir my soul and I owe it to them to always listen for more fromContinue reading “do you hear them too? – hazel meadows”

Beyond the Hungered Canvas – Michael33 (The Vision of Poets) The colors all ran togetherA masterpieceDrippingTo the floorLike spilt milkOn yesterday’s dreamsWhere rhymesAre but a memoryAnd nary an open handCan riseAbove the quicksandYet…The masterpieceRemains foreverIn the thoughts of the artistConceptions of all that is beautifulIn huesThat only sheHas imagined…She still can seeThe heather fieldsBeyond the hungered canvassThe sculpture still intactOn potter’s wheel –But sheContinue reading “Beyond the Hungered Canvas – Michael33 (The Vision of Poets)”

What now? – Watt (Celluloid Trances) I can feel the scratches unravelling something of saddening depth, as I try to claw my way out of things I have exits for. What am I doing? I’m being loud, so you can listen, I’m being silent, and so you can taste the outlines of fine print when you search for prayers, andContinue reading “What now? – Watt (Celluloid Trances)”

Shopping for a Significant Other – Erik Shinker When did we stop thinking of othersas human?When did we become commodities tobrowse through as we shop,items and products marketing ourselvesin the hope for an end to our loneliness? Requested specifications include:height, andskin color, andhair color, andgender, andsexual preference, andlocation, andso on, andso forth, andso what? Qualify yourself to ensure quality,judge others based onContinue reading “Shopping for a Significant Other – Erik Shinker”

If Ahead I See – Robert Okaji

Gray skies filtered through light,eyes adapting space,the possibilities of the horizon or a footlashing out in reflex,what do I learn? The house finch sings as ifall air will expire at song’s end. Falling, I release this misplaced trust.The path, muddied and crowded with fools. to read more from this author, please click here:

How Often We Forget – Anna Mosca

how often we forgetit is us revolvingaround the sun we sit contemplatingin our living roomthe shadows changing how often we forgetwe are mirrorsof others attitudes we point the fingerpick up a part to actjust impersonating how often we forgetto simply be a simpleword being thank you no chats about the sunmoving raising settingtelling ourselves truthsContinue reading “How Often We Forget – Anna Mosca”

First Blush – Yas Khan Sun flares into the sapphire My canvas rushes to capture Birds flying through wands of gold, grey Language of rainbow wings Strength in wild of day Divine comes through Connecting Heartbeats Sun warms aura of my consciousness Adorning wisdom in my heart I bleed in this odyssey Where tears turn to diamonds A jeweledContinue reading “First Blush – Yas Khan”

Untitled Poem – Svelte I look for youbetween the sheetswhere we fell into lovethen into silencea leaden hushstill blankets the woodsmuffling morningeerily stillthe butterflies lay stiffmy fingers are numb and bluethumbing through these pagesback and forthI look for you.– Jen for more from Jen, you cal find her here at “Blase’”: image: