Poems Upon the Pond -Michael33

There were poems Upon the pond Rhymes across the river Vestal verses Too close To the fire… Parchment singed In the silence Of words unspoken Pens full of ink Fractured by time Untouched By human hands Yet poetry still lingers In the breeze Through the branches Of the willow In songs Of the sparrow WithContinue reading “Poems Upon the Pond -Michael33”

Winter Coat —Karima Hoisan

My mother’s winter coat falls on its own in the back of a closet on a warm day in June in a country she never knew; never pulled out, to shield her against a harsh and howling desert gust. For she was, born, raised and died A Milwaukee girl, her winters, longer and colder. ThisContinue reading “Winter Coat —Karima Hoisan”

It Rained Inside —Rahul Gaur

I am her little secret she hides me in her mind and meets me in her dreams where we skip once upon a time I fall to the ground she invites me inside her home I stumble in as the cloud rumbles only for it to rain inside her home The air is drowning weContinue reading “It Rained Inside —Rahul Gaur”

What are we doing now? —Nayana Nair

Another chance to get our high from the powdered dust of dreams, from digging desperately, getting closer to the voice of the demons we buried just yesterday, breaking nails and curfews to save the skins we can’t live without. Another chance at making a home, choosing colors for our ceilings, choosing the sides we willContinue reading “What are we doing now? —Nayana Nair”

Summer Air — Subversopus

Clinquant melodies of scattering leaves and seed Soughing plaintively between sunburned hollows Like perfumed tiny tourists from a passing charabanc Their lilacs’ scent of sweet sillage lingers for a puff Leaving painted imaginary doodles of agitated air behind Foregathering in the wakes of napes, and marooned nooks Of plumped and ripened orange bursting splurt lilyContinue reading “Summer Air — Subversopus”

Only Walden – Dear Walden

Only Walden The only thing that brought me joy The only thing that brought me tears The only thing that keeps me alive The only thing that makes me want to die Grieving for the only thing I could not ever have The only thing that could save me from my sorrow I miss theContinue reading “Only Walden – Dear Walden”

I was a child —Bacardi Gold

I knocked at your door I heard a voice I knocked once more ‘Till the voice flee Outside the house A playful young crowd To be with them They called me Playing was a child’s hour With fellow children With the neighborhood An hour became forgetting I remembered you You were sick in bed NotContinue reading “I was a child —Bacardi Gold”