Copenhagen – G. Paul Randall (of Starfish Sutra)

Light particles already waved their goodbye as apparent effects when they entered the eye See the studious chaps when the functions collapse asking who, what and where, also why Probability means what it means when it does but cannot when it probably doesn’t Does not at all mean the experiment seen was such, when itContinue reading “Copenhagen – G. Paul Randall (of Starfish Sutra)”

Chakra – G. Paul Randall (Starfish Sutra) The Wheel Behold the wheel as motion incarnate. Inventor of the metaphor. Roundation is its pride, spokes the whispering of its ministers, its axle the secret grief. Turning until the grease dries up, then burning. A mechanism, its gears a-turning. In thinking, wheels turning, turning. Spheres of influence, around, around. Circles have no need of ground.Continue reading “Chakra – G. Paul Randall (Starfish Sutra)”