The Devil Will Set Me Free —Charley Priest

This man I didn´t wan´t to become Devil talked to me Hence I let myself bite that so called-e (I´m just a piece of good hearted… think so) Bo! Don´t be to surprised when the bo can make you a little mess in your body. Sorry. Out. Read you all lator you innovator, have aContinue reading “The Devil Will Set Me Free —Charley Priest”

Friendship —Opher

Sunshine entering the room, Lightening one’s step, Lifting spirits, Directing mind.   Freedom. Freedom to be yourself, To say anything With complete security. Exchanging jokes, Knowing smiles, Understanding, From shared experience. At ease, With light asides, Deep argument, Emanating from common history.   A past A future And a present.   Melting into cells, EmpoweringContinue reading “Friendship —Opher”