Bicycle – Neeraj Kumar (Exposed Emotions)

I walked backwards,I did headstand,I mimicked, I juggled,did the private danceto make it interesting. I tried to understandyour deliberate nonsense.I ate and swallowed my offense,and wriggled on your palmto keep it working. I did what I could.But I can’t,I can’t be the only wheel of the bicycle.I can climb a mountain on one leg though,butContinue reading “Bicycle – Neeraj Kumar (Exposed Emotions)”

(Untitled Poem) – Svelte

Inside a garden paradiseyou scent my senseswith perfume delightwafting through the windmessing up my headplaying with my heartflowers are open to beguileon your lap, after dark.– Jen for more blase , click on over:

Ode to the Fallen Trees – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)

Cedar, a paradox of the forest.His soul resembles a cotton—Light, soft, and sweet,But his strength defeats floods.Spruce, he is what I am.Weak to build a fort,But his leaves, bark and rootsCure the dying souls.Pine, a scent of turpentine.Bathe in elixirs of life—Come give birth to homes,But die in the wrath of time.Fir, like hermits inContinue reading “Ode to the Fallen Trees – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)”

mind jelly – one round corner scattered on the old river flakes of light flutter in the breeze like passing thoughts a seed finds purchase in such barren ground some crust as thin as an eggshell divides waters details flutter in the belly of the mind, why? for more from this deep diver, click on over:

i think i might be a bit shallow – Rachel (Patient and Kind) I think I might be a bit shallow Because I love to judge a book By just how beautiful The cover has been made. Hardback, with pretty little end papers That give the most subtle of clues. Where will the story go? And will my main character Kiss the girl at the end? TheContinue reading “i think i might be a bit shallow – Rachel (Patient and Kind)”

Celebrating Mothers – Indishe

I loved her, And she loved me all the more. I cried, And she cried all the more. But the dewy pearls only inside seen, For outside she was all serene. Her warm embrace, Her gentle a hug, A pat on the cheek, And a ponytail tug, It made me laugh away all my turmoils.Continue reading “Celebrating Mothers – Indishe”

Hope – Mermaid

It’s raining almost every second day,and I’m learning to bloom from the earth,From life less branches to bed of dead leaves,something inside of me is telling me to know my worth. Sun is always shining over mountainsstill, there is this darkness in the woods,dripping down the lifeless branchesin a way only hope could. My mindContinue reading “Hope – Mermaid”

the earth has been anouncing – eva van beek

My garden has been awaitingdead-frozen-stillsilent foliage, overwhelmed,ceding to chillwinter’s will Our sky has been acceptinglost-distant-coldchanging colours, comatose,bowing to bleaknature’s hold A tree has been heraldingfresh-greedy-gladunknown rumble, eagerly,waking to timekeeper’s fad The earth has been announcingred-lively-hotcoughing nature, forcefullyplaying to vastcosmos’ plot Our future has been disruptedgrim-cruel-blackturning tables, viciouslywaiting to springseason’s track for more from this creativeContinue reading “the earth has been anouncing – eva van beek”