Five A.M. – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)

my own deathvineyards of moons,a shallow depthof the sea, Venus sinks,I drowned and criedin my sleep, died like the ocean,born in splitminds,like the magentaof mother’s womb; a vortex of nothingfair and bonyfor the ghostof mine does not grieve these amputations of mind;absence of the moon’s bare-bones, I see the lizard limbsof the moonrise as IContinue reading “Five A.M. – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)”

Copenhagen – G. Paul Randall (of Starfish Sutra)

Light particles already waved their goodbye as apparent effects when they entered the eye See the studious chaps when the functions collapse asking who, what and where, also why Probability means what it means when it does but cannot when it probably doesn’t Does not at all mean the experiment seen was such, when itContinue reading “Copenhagen – G. Paul Randall (of Starfish Sutra)”

Poem – Summer storm – Shawn L. Bird

This air is thick enough to drown inWading through your wordsLightning flashes in the hills like myanxiety after the press conference.Summer storm raging.They announce back to school plans.I’m watching the hills for forest fires,fearing the burning.Brief respite: rain splatters on the back deck,before oppression descends again,and our power goes out. at:

Looking Through Different Windows – Intellectual Shaman

I’ve looked up at windows and I’ve looked out of windows my whole life. And the world is colored by light. the day dawns and the night speaks while I lay in bed listening… I want to stop the seasons prevent the world from turning but reality won’t let me and the loneliness of theContinue reading “Looking Through Different Windows – Intellectual Shaman”

Casey’s General Store – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog) Small towns can thrive, survive even, people can be people and move on, recognize, realize, but some towns are ghost towns with living relics routinely walking to the one store ’round for miles, big white letters and reddish store front beckoning those off the highway and those coming ’round to hear the tales ofContinue reading “Casey’s General Store – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog)”

Bright Lights #whatdoyousee- michnavs

why is it my love thatwhen i look at youi see light,like i’ve never seenit beforewhy is it my love thatmy worldhas turned into blueas i hold your handsdearly and gentlyin the silenceof my dreamsand my mutedmemorieswhereare allthe brightlightsmy love? (For visually challenged reader, the image shows a woodland scene, where blue butterflies are sittingContinue reading “Bright Lights #whatdoyousee- michnavs”

Reliance – Writer in Retrospect

There is anger in your chidings;Worry in your voice.When life sends out its tidings,What will be my choice? Will I make a grand mistakeAnd then come crawling back to you?Is it more than you can takeThat I’m not one, but two? We’re like Buffy and Giles,Or like the Winchester brothers:We share tears and smilesUntil itContinue reading “Reliance – Writer in Retrospect”

Poem: Reading Courageously – B Gourley If you’ve never been incensed,challenged, or nauseous —your reading is too safe, puny,and far, far too cautious. Reading should be a courageous actthat threatens all you know.It should shove your feet into shoesfar different from your own. If you want your world unchanged,T.V. is right for you.Books will insist you be torn a-part andContinue reading “Poem: Reading Courageously – B Gourley”