The Devil Will Set Me Free —Charley Priest

This man I didn´t wan´t to become Devil talked to me Hence I let myself bite that so called-e (I´m just a piece of good hearted… think so) Bo! Don´t be to surprised when the bo can make you a little mess in your body. Sorry. Out. Read you all lator you innovator, have aContinue reading “The Devil Will Set Me Free —Charley Priest”

The Weather Inside My Mind —Intellectual Shaman

the weather inside my mind changes like fair Easterlies until islands of bad energy consume my soul and soul-sucking tasks get done effortlessly my creativity loves chaos and so, cleaning closes my mind forcing a new direction with artificial power unwilling to allow a mess. I’m making the waves as my universe shuts down untilContinue reading “The Weather Inside My Mind —Intellectual Shaman”

Silhouette — Shubhangi Rawat

To my confidant, Ever since I’m in abyss with my thoughts, I’ve conceded this fact that I’m anonymous to many and familiar to none. I’ve been on hiatus for a while. Sometimes, I’m not able to retrieve the exact impression of you but I’m quite tenacious to your distant apparition, and these memories that I’mContinue reading “Silhouette — Shubhangi Rawat”

My Wolf —Women Who Think Too Much

I have howled mournfully at the Wolf’s moon, knee deep in the snow of a frozen winter’s night. Grieving the loss of my lover, the fantasy of he and I tangled in white, cotton sheets, touching for the last time his rough face happy, content, in love, just an illusion. It’s complicated, he growled as he changedContinue reading “My Wolf —Women Who Think Too Much”

The Scryers – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)

Stand and speak in tongues of fire stories of the last flame in this desert world laid to ruin when the many waters receded and its fertile valleys filled with dust and sand Now dimly glows the flame as darkness comes and the winds blow bitter cold to snuff it out Melted wax pools reflectContinue reading “The Scryers – Mitchell David Ring (The Light is On)”

…New song on a gloomy day – Maxima

Written: © Maxima  The scent of evening rain,the breath of love,the heat of passion in me, in us,your lips pressing mine,your warm breasts tremble in my palmsthe breath of love, of drunken wedding guestsnoisily say goodbye to the bride’s innocence. Morning wakes to the roosters crowa new song on a gloomy dayand we…we do not sleep.Continue reading “…New song on a gloomy day – Maxima”

A dog’s life – Tref (Trefology)

It was in late-August, the day my sister and I returned home from summer camp and our dog Pepper was not at the door to greet us. *** We called her name, “Pepper!” and we searched around the house, but Pepper was nowhere to be found. ***. That evening, our father told us that while we were at camp,Continue reading “A dog’s life – Tref (Trefology)”

Only Walden – Dear Walden

Only Walden The only thing that brought me joy The only thing that brought me tears The only thing that keeps me alive The only thing that makes me want to die Grieving for the only thing I could not ever have The only thing that could save me from my sorrow I miss theContinue reading “Only Walden – Dear Walden”