If I Were Born A Little Early – Frank Solanki

If I were born a little earlyI would have made electricityFirst to say — The Earth is roundCures for diseases I would have foundWould have theorized gravitational lawLeave everyone trailing in aweWould have had a star named after meA constellation or galaxyFuture generations would have studied meMy brain, my life, my familyBut I was bornContinue reading “If I Were Born A Little Early – Frank Solanki”

My Little Garden – Frank Solanki

I have a little gardenA garden full of wordsProse they act like flowersThe poems act like birdsIt blooms the whole year ’roundWhether spring or snow or fallFor reading is like rainAnd sunshine for them allNever a dull day I’ve hadNever have a dull day I willFor years and years from nowThis garden be growing stillContinue reading “My Little Garden – Frank Solanki”

So I Held Her Hand —Frank Solanki

Dark days are looming Wild storm is close Who’ll be able to make it? That nobody knows All of us are strangers In a foreign land So I closed my eyes and So I held her hand I can sense a danger Smell it from afar I can see some trouble Coming where we areContinue reading “So I Held Her Hand —Frank Solanki”

Karma – Frank Solanki

All my friends are old or deadNo young man talks to meNo young girl offers me a smileJust disdain and sympathyThat’s what I did when I was youngTo people who were weak and oldNow Karma’s come to chew me rawKarma is a bitch, I’m told for more Frank, click on over: https://franksolanki.com/

My Body Houses Eleven Rats – Frank Solanki

(original poem found at) https://franksolanki.com/ My body houses eleven ratsThey nibble and chew at my heartThe first one’s not afraid of catsThe second finds murder an art The third one often plays dirtyKeeps running around here and thereThe fourth is granted full libertyThe fifth rat is her heir The sixth rat drinks all my bloodTheContinue reading “My Body Houses Eleven Rats – Frank Solanki”

Tis the Season of Love — Frank Solanki

Tis the season of love Where nothing ever goes wrong Where things fall into place And I sing my favourite song … ‘Tis the season of love When fruits are ripe and sweet Seeing them droop playfully My young heart skips a beat The flowers in full bloom Rain their fragrance in the air ColoursContinue reading “Tis the Season of Love — Frank Solanki”

Now That She’s Gone – Frank Solanki

Give me Loneliness for companyGive me strangers for friendshipGive me a heart that I once ownedDiseases to fill it withNow that I am aloneNow that she has gone Give me walls that can whisperGive me a roof, a cracking roofGive me a floor full of rodentsA hallucination proofNow that I am aloneNow that she hasContinue reading “Now That She’s Gone – Frank Solanki”