meaningless – a.duncan (A WOMAN IS A POEM) a surplus of insufferable somethings business cards, stubs of nicotine a dented penny, a flask of whiskey phone numbers shitfaced scribbled on cocktail napkins and folded like pornographic origami like a bra made of onyx lace placed in the sagging back pocket of some random man’s parachute pants with a faux peridot rosary andContinue reading “meaningless – a.duncan (A WOMAN IS A POEM)”

sophisticated chaos – foxesandpoems (A Woman is a Poem)

the systematic sophistication of chaos in defense of reincarnation — I was drafted in the mingling of ennui  and half moon martini olives drifting in the hapless mendacity of some tepid soirée at some darkened apartment in some listless city I stood in the foyer hoping to be mistaken for a Grecian urn a TrojanContinue reading “sophisticated chaos – foxesandpoems (A Woman is a Poem)”