The purpose of mistakes – Ali Grimshaw (flashlight batteries) Your must lose things to find them. Rip to repair, slip to find out, who you return as. Tumble through trials be torn away from the known to evolve stronger. You must reach your own hand be burned unjustly to hear my scar’s story. © Ali Grimshaw 2020 at: dVerse Poets Pub –Continue reading “The purpose of mistakes – Ali Grimshaw (flashlight batteries)”

Saplings – MISTYROADS (Culled from Flash Batteries – Poetry)

A beautiful poem of hope from MISTYROADS Saplings And so we grow,In winds bent backAgainst the stormsAnd lightning strikes.Headlong,Rise up,UnfurlIn splendourAnd well-lit graceOf Swift footstepsThat forever changeAnd twistIn those brief sorrowsOf untrained reachAnd growth in silent tears;That dry in hopeAnd sunlight given. Copyright ©RMC May 2020 Click here for more from  MistyRoads Blo for more at ‘flashlightContinue reading “Saplings – MISTYROADS (Culled from Flash Batteries – Poetry)”

End of the Rope – Ali Grimshaw The rope winds gently around my waist,twisted, smoothly strong by years of mistakes,trying again, doubt and wondering how. Thick with memories of others whobelieved with the strength of solid ground.Believed that all earthquakes eventually stop shaking.Believed in soil’s ability to grow what we need next. The end of this rope was handed to meContinue reading “End of the Rope – Ali Grimshaw”