Veneno – Harley Reborn

Stopping by woods On a snowy evening Little red riding hood Was not prepared for the Big bad wolf He seemed so gentle at first Almost protective Absolutely seductive As he got her drunk On all he was Once he made his move Surely there was no use For she would succumb to The finalContinue reading “Veneno – Harley Reborn”

Fairytale – The Human Anvil

Permit me to say a few,Words of my choice,Before the whispers that they all echo,Replace my own voice. Ye tremble truly,Come day, come night,And lay woe on passing feet,Who knows you as a leaf to scribble,And leave in wind to never meet. In dreams you rule the dawn and dusk,Alive, you pick no pebble,You turnContinue reading “Fairytale – The Human Anvil”