Paint The Room – Jacob Ibrag Written by Jacob Ibrag The corners are where our secrets live. The diversity of its contents thick and rich. Travelers from a far remove their shoes. They share their whispers and paint the room. You can try and find yourself in a place like this. You can try and lose the parts that never madeContinue reading “Paint The Room – Jacob Ibrag”

Filth – Jacob Ibrag (Eyes + Words)

Written by Jacob Ibrag They want to go outside and move around. Barefoot among the elements. The dirtier the pavement the better. Filth makes it feel real. Tired of their cleanliness. It’s not that they want to be careless, it’s simply the option of having it. This self made prison and its recycled air. Homes incubatingContinue reading “Filth – Jacob Ibrag (Eyes + Words)”

The Little Things – Jacob Ibrag

Written by Jacob Ibrag Stretch towards the moon, towards the power that shifts. The curvature of a smile hidden upon each individuals lips. I stretch the hours in my soul, where it counts at least a little bit. Text dancing upon windows stage. Fallen pages of writer making sense of the little things. Photo by Toa Heftiba the headline in that photo! for more at Eyes +Continue reading “The Little Things – Jacob Ibrag”