Bicycle – Neeraj Kumar (Exposed Emotions)

I walked backwards,I did headstand,I mimicked, I juggled,did the private danceto make it interesting. I tried to understandyour deliberate nonsense.I ate and swallowed my offense,and wriggled on your palmto keep it working. I did what I could.But I can’t,I can’t be the only wheel of the bicycle.I can climb a mountain on one leg though,butContinue reading “Bicycle – Neeraj Kumar (Exposed Emotions)”

The world upside down – Neeraj Kumar (Exposed Emotions)

She ran behind ducklings. She had a heart of pulp.She had a face of heart.She had a purple tongue.She was a work of art.She was the princess of her town.She saw the world upside down. She loved Motordrome.She loved looping cars.She often made her face.She smelled old cigars.She kissed the circus clown.She saw the worldContinue reading “The world upside down – Neeraj Kumar (Exposed Emotions)”