the earth has been anouncing – eva van beek

My garden has been awaitingdead-frozen-stillsilent foliage, overwhelmed,ceding to chillwinter’s will Our sky has been acceptinglost-distant-coldchanging colours, comatose,bowing to bleaknature’s hold A tree has been heraldingfresh-greedy-gladunknown rumble, eagerly,waking to timekeeper’s fad The earth has been announcingred-lively-hotcoughing nature, forcefullyplaying to vastcosmos’ plot Our future has been disruptedgrim-cruel-blackturning tables, viciouslywaiting to springseason’s track for more from this creativeContinue reading “the earth has been anouncing – eva van beek”

Potato Heart – Eva van Beek

Kindly put that deceit awayThere’s no where to marchAnd no one to blame We blindfolded ourselvesTo conquer the seaWe cheated our heartsTo laugh at kismetWe lied to our soulTo make it believeSo: Kindly put that disgust awayThere’s no where to marchAnd no one to blame We imprisoned ourselvesTo desire and greed,We broke our heartsOn trivialContinue reading “Potato Heart – Eva van Beek”