Mood of the Rain. – Vivek (Verses of Life)

I have rejoiced,The thunders followed by the rain.I have camouflaged,My tears under the falling drops of pain. It’s riveting how,The rain can relate to me.It can feel my pain and cry,And can relish my glee. Makes me wonder,What’s the mood of the rain,I think It’s the reflection of,My own happiness and pain. ~Vivek online at:Continue reading “Mood of the Rain. – Vivek (Verses of Life)”

Tears in my eyes- Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

Tears in my eyes,Those exquisite drops,Each with its own story,Like shiny white pearls,From the deep blue sea. As a menace attacks my soul,Or breaks my heart in two,Grief and sorrows all piled up,Creates one glimmering drop,Just ready to fall. Laced with emotions so intense,A harrowing burden in my chest,And pain that’s almost physical,Encapsulated in aContinue reading “Tears in my eyes- Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”

“is this what this distance, this decision means?” – Nayana Nair With my back to the my cold family namethe metallic alphabets printing hard on my clothes,I standwith my feet half out of my pretty shoes –with my painted nails still hidden in the skin of another animal,my hands revolving the beautiful replica of Saturnaround the plastic heart on my elaborate key chain- a stageContinue reading ““is this what this distance, this decision means?” – Nayana Nair”