the narrative – Quixotic Mama

it seems to methat people need to believetheir ownnarrativeso it’s notthat they aren’tlisteningto meit’s that what i’m sayingdoes not fittheir narrative…sothey hear mebut only so faras it suits their storyanything elseturns to whitenoise&misunderstandings….maybe i can’tchange your narrativebut what happenswhen i changemine? online at:

when i’m fifty – Quixotic Mama

since i’ve turnedfiftyi’ve gotten a leechfor the firsttimeeverwhile wading in a cool poolof watersince i’ve turnedfiftyi’ve gotten stungby a waspfor the firsttimeeverin the face even….butneither werenearlyas scary asi imaginedall these yearshuh…i wonder whatotherfirstswait for me inthis second halfof mycentury. online at:

what is quiet certainty like?

surelylife would beeasierif i couldspeakwithout questioning my voicethinkwithout examining my thoughtsactwithout wondering whatmotivatesme…everything i put forthis subject to a three dimensionalinquisitionam i rightam i wrongam i pacifyingam i blowing it alloutof proportion… attackwithout regretwithout anxietywithout a second thoughtto conquerwithoutwonderingwhy. in these stupid times we are in…my resorting to a very simple adjective for a complicatedContinue reading “what is quiet certainty like?”

my mourning dove heart – emje is it spring timethe end of the worldor is it justthat i mate for life?i cannot get dusty off my mindobviously i did not bury himdeep enough…or we areunwillingsoulmatesafter all. words and art by author. Find more of her work here: