Fake the new Real – Cyrus (K.O.D. Productions)

for the love of experience It seemed like all i did was only cursed to fail..least I knew in time I’d have to contemplateSome People I knew turned out to be all just fakeThen my hunger grew so I took what I had to takeIt’s nothing new just different faces with a common stakeSo forgiveContinue reading “Fake the new Real – Cyrus (K.O.D. Productions)”

the significance of being black or white- Said Sadain, jr.

https://sandstarsblog.com/ black, some people believe,is the murder of colorsand white, their liberation while others claim black isthe acceptance of colorsand white, their rejection but neither black nor whitecan tell the whole truthabout the world of colors. where lies the significanceof being black or white is neitherin the presence nor in the absence and neither in the absorbedContinue reading “the significance of being black or white- Said Sadain, jr.”