swim —A. Gouedard

so strange this feeling of separation locked in a bottle gazing out floating on a shelf where you placed me fixed in time, preserved perfection can’t grow, explore or breath uncork me, pour me out a river will flow around you an ocean of endless love where the surf rises high on the evening tideContinue reading “swim —A. Gouedard”

A Dreamer’s Ordeal

https://wildscaredcrazy.wordpress.com/ There’s so many things to doAnd so little time… Dreams to be achieved,Records to be set,Adventures to be seeked,Parents to be made proud,Dream house to be bought,Gym to be hit,Healthier life to be lead,Fine literature to be read ,Books to be written,Movies to be watched ,Friends to be caught up with,And on and on goes the list.Continue reading “A Dreamer’s Ordeal”