Whats the Good of It —Devereaux Frazier

what’s the good of writing/if nobody hears it or the power in song/if it’s only in your head why sacrifice to live a good life/if it never sees the light of day/the sun is a stage the earth is a proving ground/so show heaven the the dust created a worthwhile being/stars magnified thought and blessedContinue reading “Whats the Good of It —Devereaux Frazier”

Phantom —Devereaux Frazier

I won’t thank you for the memories they are rancid beyond repair lost to my mind’s eye time flies, and the castles we built together are covered in sand and wonder how did I ever let you take hold of my sight and why do I wonder if it will ever come back phantom operatorsContinue reading “Phantom —Devereaux Frazier”

Does it get better — Devereaux Frazier

Sick of the misplaced stupidity, the broken ties of useless lies spewed at me is there a place for a moment of silence, of surrender from the sunken misery that dwells in the soul bottom feeders nibble for half truths because a whole might stuff their throats i’m just so tired, so tired of beingContinue reading “Does it get better — Devereaux Frazier”