Into The Wreckage – Daffni Gingerich (of Daffniblog)

She wades in her black sheets the way someone would look if they were stranded from a wreckage. She survives with glistening skin and an octopus tangled in her hair. It’s no miracle. She’s eaten raw meat maybe even gnawed at her own flesh. But she raises her arms overhead to be saved the wayContinue reading “Into The Wreckage – Daffni Gingerich (of Daffniblog)”

Way Creepier – Daffni Gingerich (Daffniblog)

My head spins into dreams without me realizing. It’s usually people talking about things and I’m just getting snippets of conversation. Some people say it’s conversations I heard that day that just got stored into my memory. I slowly slouch lower and lower until my neck is the only thing propped up. I’m using myContinue reading “Way Creepier – Daffni Gingerich (Daffniblog)”

Three Days – Daffni Gingerich (of Daffniblog)

Give it three days. He told us all. Give it three days and I’ll be back. Then time went by and three days later he was back. Not back for long but long enough to make an impact.  The sky was pink, the air was warm, and even then, the morning weighed heavy. online at:

Entry 729 You’re Not Abandoned – Daffni Gingerich (of Daffniblog)

Some days it’s art, some days it’s just trying to figure out the reason to do the art. To stay alive is usually motivating enough. But to be able to sleep, that’s what gets the words pouring out of me. I stare at closed lips waiting for something other than the clicking of spit. IContinue reading “Entry 729 You’re Not Abandoned – Daffni Gingerich (of Daffniblog)”

Wild Flower – Daffni Gingerich We laughed. We drank. He was somewhere far off while I sat with my friends and debated whether I should text him. I think I’m losing my focus. But then again these shifts are making me sit on my ass and write about those flies that slam against window screens. They keep trying toContinue reading “Wild Flower – Daffni Gingerich”

Circle the Dead – Daffni Gingerich I let the water wash away my sex. I let my thoughts drift in and out of stories and dimensions. There’s a primitive scent about me. There’s water circling the drain like crows circle the dead. All I know is I’m going in the ground with a fight and I hope something gives, soContinue reading “Circle the Dead – Daffni Gingerich”

Neverland – Daffni Gingerich The scales have tipped. And when they tip I try my best to toss golden bells to the lighter side. It’s no use so I shave and bathe and soak in my own blood until I feel the need to pace again. This life can be hard. He says to sway. He says toContinue reading “Neverland – Daffni Gingerich”