Poem for my Father: Blue Collar Angel – Mark Tulin (Crow On The Wire)

Dad woke me at 2 a.m.It was hard to leave a warm bedand a cherry-colored dream.“It’s time for us to go to work,” Dad said,“to buy fruit and vegetables for our store.” It was bitter cold outside.The winds rattled the double-pane windowsand the snow came downhard and heavyover the darkened houses of our street. ButContinue reading “Poem for my Father: Blue Collar Angel – Mark Tulin (Crow On The Wire)”

Facing Life Dying – Mark Tulin (in Necro Magazine)

https://crowonthewire.com/ Facing Life Dying first appeared in the Death Edition of Necro Magazine. The magazine is also available on SoundCloud. for more from Mark, visit ‘Crow on the Wire’, at: https://crowonthewire.com/

Rainstorm Romance – Mark Tulin

https://crowonthewire.com/ It was a rainstorm infatuation. The clouds romantically dimmed the skies. She looked perfect under the veiled night, deep brown skin, hair dripping of rainwater, eyes as big as saucers. A rainstorm of happenstance that we’ll never regret, even when we’re happily married to someone else. Originally published at The Poetry Bar. read more fromContinue reading “Rainstorm Romance – Mark Tulin”

Rain on Cabrillo – Mark Tulin

I pull over on Cabrilloto watch the rainthrough my car window, a blur of swaying palm treesand cloud-burst windy skies,an impression by chance,an engraving on a wet afternooninto a waterfall of glory. Pouring rain is a haze of simplicity,subdued and opulent,channeling liquid energyinto one narrow momentof youth and purity. for more of Mark at CrowContinue reading “Rain on Cabrillo – Mark Tulin”