The Weary Healer- Mark Tulin

Culled from the Drabble at: By Mark Tulin I don’t want to be a healer anymore.I grew weary of helping people,massaging and soothing a troubled spirit,absorbing their pain and suffering,and spending years redirecting themto a manageable change.I don’t want to be a therapist anymore,sitting across from a client who distorts the worldand help them outContinue reading “The Weary Healer- Mark Tulin”

Watlzing Steady – Mark Tulin I listened to John Prine the other day and could hear the sound of his heartbeat singing. He sang in a mid-western drawl, slow and easy, but waltzing steady with a quirky rhythm and a satirical rhyme. His gravelly voice spread across the universe like a worn, comfortable blanket. He tweaked my mood andContinue reading “Watlzing Steady – Mark Tulin”

Baptismal Pool – Mark Tulin

Once I said Yes, I believe, I felt my body floating backwardin slow motion as if on the wings of an angel,releasing me into the baptismal pool. Submerged three feet under, I floated lifelessly.My head supported by delicate hands.My soul delivered by sacred words.All my tension gone. I wish I could have stayed therein the warmth of her breath,nurturedContinue reading “Baptismal Pool – Mark Tulin”