Birdsongs. – Tomic Riter

twilight wind carries everywhere birdsongs trees are hanging from the sky penetrating these walls their roots rising from my fingertips I could have sipped all this dirty water that was clean before it fell down sometimes, traveling miles gives nothing other than vast green fields and no talks birdsongs die and gold washes away fromContinue reading “Birdsongs. – Tomic Riter”

Lies We Weave – Chris Nelson

The lies we weaveHang from the ceilingsOf the roomsWe dreamed up onceUpon a timeIn nighttimes held inHands so large and warmWe never had to breathe,They hold us thereAfraid to move or breakThe cord that winds itsSilken threadAbout our limbsUntil the will to step from cornersDies and lies in silenceA shell bereft of care,And still weContinue reading “Lies We Weave – Chris Nelson”

Pop —Blighter’s Rock

tie me to a red balloon and send me to the sky where I could float and simply watch the world go slipping by. tie me to a red balloon filled with the world’s despair and in the clouds I’d pop them out and leave them drifting there. Read more magic —Blighter’s Rock

Little Free Photos

Anthony is off writing somewhere distant. I am still here randomly, discovering new voices, sharing original pictures for poem prompts, listening to bird song. How is your summer? What is capturing your imagination?

Little Free Photos

Trying something new!! Leave some descriptive words in the comment section. Take some words with you. Use the inspiring words in a poem. Post the poem on your blog. You are welcome to use my photo in the blog post. You can share the blog link in the comments so we can visit your blogContinue reading “Little Free Photos”

Identity —Lively Life

My coffee had a belly. It went under the second I swished it around it’s mug. Or is it my mug? It has more ownership being inside of it afterall. That is not to say being inside a woman, you own her. So maybe safe to say, it is the mug I am sipping outContinue reading “Identity —Lively Life”

Darkness Fell the Hollow Ones — The New Renaissance Mindset

Dimension: 9″ (23cm) x 12″ (30cm) The night fell and it became so dark that even the music became covered by it. We know it’s there but can hardly hear it. It floats behind the darkness. Our little figure has become the source of light within this darkness. Our behatted friend, Monteferro, perhaps a littleContinue reading “Darkness Fell the Hollow Ones — The New Renaissance Mindset”

Motif Lately —Daniel Paul Marshall

Motif Lately   The bloated bleating, cross-wired metonym. A chasm, chiasmus;—this stainless steel fork & knife for splitting pictures of a body. Folds & creases in zoom, gorges—the eyeball, scrupulous, dilated pupils: Earth from space, cocooned in the milk of gods—a lukewarm swab to rim the eyes, crusty rheum scooped out; the thankless trees, becomeContinue reading “Motif Lately —Daniel Paul Marshall”