Starlight – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due)

She is celestial,Elf-kind;a fixed point of lightplaced in the ether to guide.A glimmer of hope in the void.One piece insidea constellation of eternal splendor,she is luminescent.With my Skyward traveler,I send my love,ad astra. by Erik Shinker online at:

Arctic Spark

i feel absence when icatch you in sky’spale light midst those moments wherenothing in existence existsbeyond doubt’s clingy persistence, i just fall apart. i’d be nothing if i hadn’thard fallen for yourarctic dark, for i’d never have knownyou need some tosee a decentspark, come scratch a wishagainst thisheart. image: image:

Karma – Frank Solanki

All my friends are old or deadNo young man talks to meNo young girl offers me a smileJust disdain and sympathyThat’s what I did when I was youngTo people who were weak and oldNow Karma’s come to chew me rawKarma is a bitch, I’m told for more Frank, click on over:

Broken… A Poem…- artista10 Too many tears, so many lies, mistrust is never far.Lost empty fear which divides the heart.Chains of wisdom and chains of fear bind so many.As they struggle between trust, love and abandonment.Trying to conquer the demons withinWhile looking through rose colored panes.Sadness, rejection, hopeful, hopeless, blessed, feeling cursed, drained but determined.Happy yet angry, lovedContinue reading “Broken… A Poem…- artista10”

Hypothesis – Frank Regan Do I exist, am I real?Is there evidence I feel?Is there ice in my veins?If you cut me will I cry,If you starve me will I die?Do I thirst for the pain,Do I yearn for the chance,For the music, the dance.Will I wither without the rains,Will I ever leave this cell?Am I already inContinue reading “Hypothesis – Frank Regan”

April 30 – Nathan Cocker (Poetry 365) I do not need another slice of cake, my stomach just won’t take it, and don’t give me any custard, it brings me out in spots. I do not need anything spicy or bland or hot or frozen. I will eat anything shoved under my nose, if its cooked, So make sure that it’sContinue reading “April 30 – Nathan Cocker (Poetry 365)”